Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Pocono State Park, PA

So today we climbed up the highest mountain in the Poconos in Pencilvania, Camelback Mountain (no camels there) in Big Pocono State Park and hiked 10 miles.  Camelback Mountain be 2,132 feets high up in the air.  On the way we seened something furry eggsiting!  Rememmer we has seened Lake Shawnee, Shawnee Island and the Shawnee Indians afore?  Well now we has three more things I be famuss fur all on one sign!
I think I like the Shawnee Playhouse the bestest and you is all invited to come ofur and play, k?

Furst we started out on wot they call an old railroad bed, not the kind you sleep in, but where in the olden days a train used to go.  Here be a cuppull of shots of wot it looks like now with no train, just me:

We signed in at the trail registers (there woz 3 of them and mom signed my name wot be Shawnee too) so the peeples would knows we woz on their trail and that we rilly liked it.
So after we got off the old rail bed and on anudder trail, that trail climbed us all the way up the mountain to the top where I did find lots of pee mail.  Peeples can drive up to the top of the mountain so I think lots of dogs gotted there in cars.  How sad when they could has climbed.
Now that side wot you see here looking west woz not all that nice - lots of houses and stuffs.  So we wented to the udder side where we could see the mountains and lots of places where we has hiked afore.
Where the arrow be pointing do be the Delaware Water Gap with Mount Tammany on the left and Mount Minsi on the rite - we has hiked up both those mountains afore and when you go atween those two mountains, you be in Noo Joisey.
Here be Mount Tammany and Mount Minsi biggified:
And this be Wind Gap, PA where we hiked too along the furry top wot be the Appalachian Trail:
This be the whole Kittatinny Mountains on the horizon where the Appalachian Trail runs through and we has done lots of hikes along almost all of this part:

We taked a break and I had my Powah Bones - I git so eggsited over nomming Powah Bones!
Pawleeze tell me you remmemmered my Powah Bones!
On one trail we woz on we did see a memorial.  How furry sad.  We dussn't know wot happened but he seemed like a furry nice yung man and he liked anipals, too.
It sure woz bootiful to make such a nice memmories to him.

So then we wented on this trail wot is called the Indian Trail but there woz no Indians there, just more seeniks.
And some fire crackers wot some doodyheds lefted.  I taked them out in my backpack to throw away but I cannot let my sis Sydney see them coz she do be skeered of the fire crackers.  These woz alreddy boomed up but she dussnt' know that.
So that be it.  It do be a bootiful day and a bootiful hike with all kinds of seeniks.


  1. Shawnee... you have your own personal private PLAYGROUND named for you???? Cool Drool !
    And you signed the register Shawnee.. was here. Did you say that you know about the grrrreatest of all the Shawnees (except for you) who was named Tecumseh??
    The town of Shawnee is just down the road from my house.. I gotta go get a pic of the sign for you some day. They even have a Lake named Tecumseh.. AND the Mayor there is a furend of my mom's. Butt I digress.
    That is one fantabulous walkie hikey thingy you went on. Lucky Dawg you.

  2. I loved your hike today! I think it would be so cool to go on a hike and see other places where I'd walked on the other side. You sure have hiked a lot! I envy you. We didn't go hiking this weekend because Mom and Dad wanted to stay close to home and keep an eye on Blueberry, but Saturday was really yucky weather anyway, so I guess I'm not too sad that we didn't get to go. Still, phooey on not getting to stretch our legs! I sure hope we can go next weekend.


  3. You have your own playhouse and signs to find it? How cool.

  4. I like the idea of Shawnee's Playhouse!

    Thanks fur sharing your great hike!

    How sad the trail designer khrossed The Bridge on Valentine's Day


  5. Shawnee - you look particularly beautiful in your pics today! Mom did a great job, especially remembering your yummies ;)

  6. YOu is lookin very bootiful there my pal. We has made dinnah reservations for you at Lilys Diner. You just let me kno when you haz smuggled yourselves aboard some transport and I meets you there

  7. That wuz a bewtiful hike, of course cuz it wuz all named Shawnee! Iz happy you had a fun time *purrrs*

  8. I'm so glad to know you own a golf course. Maybe we can go run around on it sometime. I'm sure no-one will mind.
    Great pictures!!

    Love, Cupcake

  9. Shawnee,

    Please visit our post to help us spread kindness in Blogville!!


    The Heartbeats

  10. Shawnee, how wonderful so many things are named for you. We like your name. Thanks for taking us on another wonderful hike with you. We look forward to them.

  11. I wonder if your playhouse is anything like my princess tent. Hrm.

    Love the scenic pics (and the pic of you looking for those power bones, too)!

  12. Shawnee - You go on the BEST hikes ever! That is so cool that you are famous all over the place!

    The Road Dogs

  13. You must be the most famous dog ever! Lassie and Rin Tin Tin don't have all kinds of places named after them. I can't believe I have such a famous pal!

  14. you are so famous with all dat stuff named after you. I'm honored to know you.

  15. Even though the leaves were off the trees this is one of my most favorite of your hike. Mom was at Shenandoah today without me and she said there weren't many leaves left but it was still really pretty there. They are putting in a new water feature around the visitor center and she said it is just like the river - furry kool!