Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Wishes

I wish you Health...
So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

I wish you the Love of friends and family...
And Peace within your heart.

I wish you the Beauty of nature...
That you may enjoy the work of God.

I wish you the Wisdom to choose priorities...
For those things that really matter in life.

I wish you Generosity so you may share...
All good things that come to you.

I wish you Happiness and Joy...
And Blessings for the New Year.

I wish you the best of everything...
That you so well deserve.


~ Author Unknown

And an update to let you know my Noo Year's wish commed true...
The V-E-T emailed my mom about the blood wot she had stolened yesterday.  This do be the test results:
  • Quant C6 = <10
  • If the C6 level drops > or = 50%, treatment was successful. If not, retreatment recommended.
  • In general, anything less than 30 is considered clinically insignificant.
So in udder werds, my Lyme cooties woz 70 when we founded out I had it back in June.  I taked the auntie bionics and now 6 months later my Lyme cooties be less than 10 when we woz shooting fur unner 30!  WOO WOO WOO WOO!


  1. That is a beautifuls New Years wish, Shawnee.....and your fotos match it pawfectly!

    Most impawtent.......congrats on da great test results from da VET!! YAY!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy Noo Year Shawnee! Iz so happy your bloodz iz good xxox

  3. I found your picture in Puddles (We 3 Doxies) comment area and since I love German Shepherds I decided to come over and visit you and become your new follower! Wasn't that nice of me? I am a Treeing Walker Coon Hound who lives with 2 cats and 2 parents who pet sit a lot so come on over to see me sometime!
    Oh, I like your New Year's poem! Very nice pictures!

  4. Shawnee - wonderful news about them cooties being pretty much gone!!!! We loved your post (pics & verse) Words better said than we could came up with ---so we are sending them back at 'Ya & your peoples. Have a great New Year. Keep on hikn'

  5. That's the best new year's wish ever!! Those auntie bionics rock!

    We wish you all a wonderful, healthy and fun-filled new year!!

  6. Guess what? I'm doing a happy dance for you. I'm so glad you're Lyme cooties are gone!

    I love these pictures and the words with them. My favorite is the second photo of you with your sisters. It's beautiful!

    My mama wishes your mom a wonderful, safe and happy New Year, and I hope the same for you!

  7. Excellent news on the blood tests! We are so happy the Lyme is under control.

    And thanks for the excellent New Year wishes. Those are perfect!

  8. That is wonderful news to start the New Year with! We are so happy for you, our tails won't stop wagging!

    We wish you a wonderful 2011, too! May you enjoy a great year of health, happiness and prosperity!

    Um, sadly for Morgan, there were no squirrels in the vicinity to blame it on.


  9. This is the most beautiful post. Thank you Shanwnee and Mom. Happy New Year to you both and Dixie and Sydney too.

    I'm so glad all your blood work came out so great!

    Love, Cupcake

  10. Oh Shawnee, dis is just wonderful news bouts them cooties! I thinks I'll just haves a beer tonite in your honor...or two.

    Dat was a most superb new year's post evers! I just adores da fotos but dat one sure did reach down to my heart and make me say awwwwwwwwwwe! Dats just precious!

    Have a Happy New Year gitrl!


  11. What a beautiful post, Shawnee. That is a beautiful poem you shared. We are also so happy to hear your excellent blood report. Now go have a great celebration tonight.

    Happy New Year.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and the Momster

  12. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=

  13. Happy New Year and that is great news on the cooties!

  14. Grrrrreat Cootie news!!
    Thank you fur those LOVELY New Year Wishes. I would like to wish a Double dose of them fur YOU.

  15. Great news on woo driving out the evil khooties!

    Happy New Year to all of woo!

    Khyra and Khompany

  16. Such wonderful wishes! Here's wishing you and yours the very best in the year ahead. I'm very glad you got a good report from the VET. :)

  17. That's absolutely beautiful, Shawnee! What a wonderful, perfect New Year's poem.

    Happy, Happy New Year to you and your Mom and the boy and Dixie and Sydney and Odessa and Nugget!!! *big Buttons hugs*

    And that is SOOOOOO awesome about the Lyme's results. WOOO HOOOO! You show those stupid ticks who's boss!

  18. Happy new year my friend, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Continued good wishes for 2011 from me!!

  19. Good news fur da nude year!!! YAY!

    I did mails off ur ShawneeCam dis mornin so u can take pikshurs of ur next walkie! YAY!

    Auntie Bionics? Is Lindsey Wagner ur Aunt? MaWahahaha.

  20. OMC... That "less than 10" news is the greatest New Year's news I could have heard. Yay... so glad the cooties are obliterated... Those were great auntie bionics.

    Happy New Years, pal...

    pawhugs, Max

  21. Well said, Shawnee!! And best wishes to you, your sis-furs and your mom for a wonderful year to come!

  22. Appy new year my glamruss pal. knoin you is one of da highlights our our lifes. We are so glad you is better from da cooties. We wishin you a great 2011 and we be seein you here again soon. Woof

  23. What a great poem, made even better with the piktures!

    Whoo hoo! Take that Lime cooties!

    Happy New Year dear friend!

  24. Happy New year! Amd yipee for no lyme cooties.

    woof - Tucker

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