Sunday, September 13, 2009

Appalachian Trail - Wawayanda State Park, NJ

We had set out to do a completely different trail but the road we needed to get there was closed so we just randomly picked anudder trail off the map wot we could get to in the car. We dinnot noes until we got started hiking that we was on the Appalachian Trail! We could has hiked all the way to Georgia but instead we hiked 11 miles.

At first there was lots of pritty flowers along the trail...

Then some pritty scenery in the distance...

Then all of a sudden... Wot is this? Does a gnome live here in the middle of the woods wot gets mails? We looked at it closer and it had notepads and pens inside. (Yes, we was being nosy and snooped inside the mailbox but mom putted everyfing back the way it woz.) We think this is so peeples who hike the whole Appalachian Trail can leave messidges.

Then the trail got steeper and there was lots of rawks...

See me up in the top rite corner? I is saying "Common mom! Wot is taking you so long? I has 4 legs to get up this mountain and you only has two. Step it up. Feel the burn!"

But it was so worf it coz when we gotted to the top, look at the amazing view! It took our brefs away.

I nowed not to step on those rawks coz if I falled off the udder side, I would has gone boom way down the side of the mountain wot we had just climbed. It was beeootiful and we sat there for a while to rest. Mom tooked a video of the birds of prey wot was flying around. The moovie is not very good coz mom could not see the pikshur on the camera the way the sun was shining on it so she never knowed if a bird was in the moovie or not. But listen to wot the winds sounded like up there. It was pawsome.

There was some waterfalls where I could get my furs wet but no waters deep enuff for swimming.

Then, just as we was getting off at our exit going home, we sawed this truck. Mom did not have time to get a good pikshur but on the back of the truck it sayed "Caution: Working Border Collies" and on the side of the truck it sayed "The Geese Police". I suppose some dawgs has to werk for a living. I just gets to play and has funs :)

On October 2, 2009 this article was published wot describes the exact part of the Appalachian Trail wot we hiked!

And Wild New Jersey featured the mountain wot we climbed!


  1. Wow, your hiking trails are so pretty. My mama says you're so well behaved cuz you pose for your pictures and you don't run off. Your mom takes really nice pictures. The video kept stopping but we saw the birdie and the sky looks very blue.

  2. Wow! It looks like you had a really great time, Shawnee! What a beautiful view when you got up there.

    I think I did a piece of the Appalachian Trail once, but in Tennessee when I was on vacation a bunch of years back. It was beautiful. Can you imagine that people actually hike the WHOLE thing?!

  3. Meowee! You hiked to the top of the world!!

  4. Are woo SURE woo weren't with Mom on Sunday?

    PeeEssWoo: Mom saw LOTS of hawks on her trip - she's bonus at spotting 'em - she doesn't even try and she does!

  5. That do look like a great walk Shawnee. I will have to visit you some time and you can show me.

  6. Amazing view! And cool video of birds of prey! We just love your hiking posts! *tail wags*

  7. Hmmm...I've seen geese before...I don't think I'd want to work with them. They look mean, honk alot and have a lot of nasty poo (even for me!)

    Great hike pics! Don't go over the edge!! :)