Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sussex Branch Trail / Kittatinny Valley State Park

We has done part of the Sussex Branch Trail afore so today we picked up where we had lefted off to do the 3 mile part wot goes thru Kittatinny Valley State Park. Then we hiked anudder 9.8 miles on hiking trails in the park for a total of 12.8 miles today. The park has 4, count them FOUR lakes! And I was in THREE of them - WOO HOO! The pink lines is the trails we hiked and the red stars is the lakes wot I swimmed in.

The peeples was rite about the wevver for a change and on the way there we knowed it was going to be the most beeootiful perfekt hiking wevver.

So we hiked on the trails and up this hi mountain where there was all these rock walls (dunno why) and where we was on top of the worlds!

Then coming down the mountain we sawed the first lake, Twin Lakes!

And I wented in but I felted like a fwog wif all the lily pads!

We crossed over a field

and hiked some more and then there was Lake Aeroflex:

We found lots of spots where I could go into the waters as we hiked along the lake.

And then I found two new fwends. Meet Fred and Felix wot lives in Lake Aeroflex:

At the end of Lake Aeroflex (which was the hugest lake I has ever seened) there was the Aeroflex-Andover airport. We satted on a bench and rested while mom got rocks out of her shoos.

Then some more hiking...

Then we gotted to White's Pond

In case you ever wonders what I does when I gets home after hiking, wonders no mores. Of course my bed is getting durty coz I is still wet when I falls asleep in it. I will has to remind mom to wash it tomorrow.


  1. Shawnee,

    You're such a fun doggie. You sure were pooped after your hike. Just reading about it made me want to take a nap. You look really pretty in the top picture. Your furs look crunchy in the last picture.



  2. Wow Shawnee, it looks like you had a great time hiking and swimming. I'm jealous! My mommy is from NJ and she says she misses it terribly.

  3. I can see why you are so tired! What a wonderful hike.

  4. sumtimes u make me wish i wuz a dawg so i could go on such grand adventures too!

  5. Mom says you put up pretty pics of some waters and grasses and stuffs. I'm glad you had a good time =) (NO fairs putting up your nice weather tho mol!)

    We like your blog a lot.

  6. Wow! Fish friends! Wicked cool!!

    Looks like a great time...I'd be pooped too after that much walkin...I wonder if mom would make it... :)

  7. awww we're so envious... we love hiking too! pawsome. just pawsome. what a perfect weather...