Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Postcard from Germany!

My deer fwend Mookie, a guinea pig from Germany on Twitter, collects postcards from his Twitter pals all around the werld so I sented him one from New Jersey. I had to put my scents on it so he knowed it is fwom me.

Then Mookie gotted my card in the mails. See Mookie sniffing my scents on the card - they made it all the ways to Germany!

And today I gotted a card from Mookie all the way from Cologne, Germany! His town has a nice park wif a choo-choo twain wot you can rides. He has a big fish market and a chocolate museum. Wot an exciting town Mookie lives in. My mom was there a very, very long time ago so she rilly enjoyed seeing the pikshurs, too. Thank you, Mookie, for letting me and mom visit your town through your lovely postcard.

This is so much funs. Wot a grate idea Mookie has to collect postcards!


  1. I love that last picture of you. :)

    Mookie is very cute (maybe a little nommy--no, just kidding).

    I like the card you sent to Mookie.

  2. That's really cool, Shawnee. You and Mookie are international pen-anipals!

  3. Oh that is so cute. I wish I had a pen pal that sent me post cards!

  4. Meowee! I'm glad to see you have such a nice pen pal.

  5. How cool you have a pal that sends you mails! I'm not sure just what a Guinea pig is but he sounds like a pretty nice friend.

    You have a good nite and say HI to your family kittehs for me, ok Shawnee?


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  7. We are thinking that is just the bestest way to keep memories of your friends!