Monday, September 21, 2009

West River Trail (Jamaica State Park, VT to South Londonderry, VT)

Big exciting road trip yesterday to meet @RogerDog and @callmelou in Vermont for hiking! We drived 4 1/2 hours from New Jersey and metted at the Winhall Campground in South Londonderry, VT. We lefted our car there then all drived to Jamaica State Park in Roger and Lou's car. That way instead of seeing only half of VT and hasing to turn around to get back to the car, we could keep going and see ALL 12.75 miles of VT (well, the West River Trail that is) by hasing one car at either end! We is so glad we did that coz there was lots of fun things to see all along the trail.

We hiked the West River Trail but did a couple of exciting side trails also!

As soon as we gotted started, that silly Roger had to poo! There was no trash cans so Lou had to carry it wif her for the whole hike! Way to go, Roger!

First we taked a trail to a scenic overlook where we had some cookies that Lou bakeded speshul for us. Thanks, Lou, the cookies was nommy!

Then we hikeded up to the Hamilton Falls. Oh, it looked dangrus coz the sign sayed 10 lives lost from swimmings. Wot to do?

Once we gotted there we could see the lower pool was safe for us to go in (it was the big upper pool wot was dangrus) so we got this grate action shot of Roger spinning in circles in the waters!

None of the pikshurs of us dawgs in front of the waterfalls turned out so here is a pikshur of just the waterfalls. It is much bigger than what it looks like. They say it is 125 paws (peeple paws) high.

Then we gotted back on the trail and came to this big wall ahead of us. It was the Ball Mountain Dam and we had to go up the switchback to gets to the top to climb over! But first we hads to go in the West River for a swim coz it was going to be hot going up the dam in the sunbeams wif no trees for shades!

Here you can gets a good idea of how high up we is on the dam when you sees the other peeples wot is going down. Yikes!

Look, Roger, those waters down there is where we was swimming just afore we started climbing!

Almost to the top...

Ta da! We made it! This is the West River waters on the udder sides of the dam.

After we got over the dam, we had to walk along a road for a bit and rite before it was time to hook up wif the hiking trail again, we sawed this gazeebo by the road where we could rest a minute. It was cool under the rufe in the shades and there was a loverly view. We had more cookies while we rested.

Then we walked thru some pritty forests...

And saw anudder waterfalls...

Then along the West River again...

At the end of the hike when we was back at the campground, we taked a group shot wif the timer thingie on the camera wot mom not knowed how to werk but she figgered it out enuf.

Then we all gotted in my car and drived back to Jamaica State Park to take Roger and Lou back to their car.

Vermont was the most beeootiful state I has ever been to and it was so wonnerful meeting Roger and Lou and hasing such a fun hike! But there is a few things you should knowes if'n you goes to visit Vermont. There is only one gas station and we was luckee nuff to has found it in the nick of time.

On the udder paw, we did almost runned out of gas in front of this place and that mite has been funs.

And be very shore if'n you goes to Vermont to has your mom or dad takes your rabies certificate along. In fact, prolly not a bad idea to keep if wif you always anyways. I told mom she has to does that now. At the park they needed to see prufe of rabies and we was luckee they accepted Roger's rabies tag and my NJ dawg license on our collars. Mom splained to them you has to show prufe of rabies to get the license, that is why I has no rabies tag on, and then they sayed OK, I could goes into the park. Whew!

So here we is leaving to goes back home following Roger and Lou to the highway. The sun was alreddy going away and it was going to be dark soon. Bye Roger and Lou. I is so glad I gots to meets you and I hads such a grate time! Here is Lou's blog about our hike!

Pee Ess: Thank you, Lou for sending sum of your homemade cookies home wif me for my sisses and for foster dog Buttons!


  1. We had such a WONDERFUL time with you & your mom, and her pictures are great!! So glad you liked Vermont, come back any time!
    -Lou & Roger

  2. wow, you guys / gals sure know how to have fun and what a boo-tiful spot!!!! @wildboutbirds, honeybell~ xo

  3. It's very beautiful there. Me and Mama really enjoyed reading about your hike and seeing all your pictures. I like the picture where you and your mom are looking at each other. :)



  4. What a khool trip/day/hike/TIME woo had!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Now, how 'bout sharing those khookies?

  5. Man, you all sure know how to have a good time! I bet the humans were jealous that you two kept getting in the water and they didn't!

    What a beautiful place you got to see!

  6. we're all turned a little green with envy here... BOL what a barktastic hike! The waterfall! and the cookies!
    here in AZ you have to show rabies certificate to get a license tag too!
    Poor Lou...that poo looks quite heavy BOL
    I really hope we can go hiking with you guys someday..

  7. Loved seeing your pics and hearing all about your adventures with RogerDog!

  8. That do luk nice Shawnee. We dreams of comin on a hike wiv you one day

  9. What a fun filled and exiting day filled with good friends, food, hiking, swimming, adventure and beautiful vistas and to top it off - you got to take home some leftovers! What in the world could be better☺

  10. That was a big poo, Roger! Didn't your mom teach you about going potty before a trip? BOL! Lucy the Lab & her mom, Jana

  11. Yes VT is beautiful! Jeeves not lucky enough to see Champ when she in Burlington..MOL