Monday, September 14, 2009

My Foster Sisfur, Buttons

This is Buttons. My new foster sisfur. Again. You see, Buttons was returned today after being in wot we thought would be hers furever home for 1 year. The peeples claim Buttons is making the husband has asthma so they hads to return her. When mom splained to them that lots of things can cause asthma and the husband would need to be tested to be shore he is allergenic to Buttons, they tolded mom the husband losted his job and they has no health insurance. The laydee was very sad and cried lots. She did not want to give Buttons back but said her husband was hasing panic attacks over getting asthma and not being able to breef and she dinnot noes wot else to do. She did take very good care of Buttons. Buttons was freshly groomed and looked grate. What is sad is Buttons' birfday is on September 18. She was here last year on her birfday. It was her first day in our house after being picked up as a stray and she hid under the table all day coz she was sad. Mom and a man who nowed Buttons figured out why she was found running the streets. You can click here to read Button's entire unbelievable story!

So anyways, of course Buttons is a little sad tonight being away from the new home she had gotted to noes and luv. But nuffin like last year. Buttons is a toy nut like you has never seen afore. Here is wot happened tonight. She does not act like she is turning 9 years old this Friday! Keep in mind she comed wif her own toys but she wanted our toys, too! Which is fine. We is used to sharing our toys.

Ta da!


  1. That last pikh made us smile!

    Tank woo fur being there fur Buttons...AGAIN!

    PeeEssWoo: See, I told woo Kenzie looked like WOO!!!

  2. I'm so sorry that Buttons is back, but I'm glad the laydee contacted you instead of bringing her to a shelter or something. It's a sad story. She's turning nine and lost another home. I know she has a loving place with you until she finds what is hopefully a true forever home. I love this post about the toys and the pictures. Too cute! Buttons has a cute, sweet face.

  3. I'm so so sorry to hear Buttons has returned...I read her story...*sobs* Poor Buttons...Glad you guys are there for her though. Thanks for the cute pics. Buttons is just too cute! *woof*
    What happened to Me-sue? I really hope she found a loving home...

  4. Awww...poor buttons! But at least she can play in your toybox!!

  5. I phink she do look happy enuff in dat box Shawnee and will have a nice time wiv you an your peeple

  6. What a sweet little dog.. I'd love to have a little playmate like that, hint hint! You listening mum?

  7. Aw, your foster sister seems lovely. You're a very nice doggy for sharing your home with her.

  8. I'm sad Buttons had to leave her home, but super happy she's with you guys!!! Nice of you to share your toys, not sure I would be that nice about it, BOL!!!

  9. Dat iz berry sads dat buttons did haz ta lose her new home, but very guds dat u n yer humanz iz around! U iz such a nice foster home ta haz maybe herz said takes me back....maybe.

    Herz certainly do likes u toy box -- MOL!