Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norvin Green State Forest (Wanaque, NJ)

Wonnerful hikings today in Norvin Green State Forest We hiked 11.8 miles all uphill and downhill, uphill and downhill... But we gots to see some fablous seenik overlooks! This is wot most of the trails looked like with lots of rawks and boulders to climb over:

This is the trail wot we hiked in hawt pink and where you sees stars is the seenik overlooks:

This is one seenik overlook in particular wot I needs to point out to you. It is called Wyanokie High Point. When you is standing where I is in the pic below, you can sees 360 degrees around you. It is pawsome but you get dizzy turning around to see it all. Now look at the horizon a little to the left. Does you see little things sticking up over there? Does you noes wot that is? It is the New York City skyline 30 miles away!

These are some of the udder overlooks where we was:

Of course after all that hiking I needed to has some waters to drink:

Coz there wasn't much udder waters around axept this place:

We did not sees any otters. I donnot think there is enuf waters there for otters.

OK, now I has to admits, this skeered me and I thought there was dangers so I barkeded at it until I realized is was just a pile of rawks. But rilly, until I gotten close up, it looked skeery. (Mom even thoughted it was a wild animal from a distance so donnot laff at me.)

And sadly, the litterbugs had infested the Norvin Green State Forest. How sad that peeples leave their trash in a place so beeootiful. We pickeded up the litters and broughted it all home for resykling. Now there is no more litters in Norvin Green State Forest. The litterbugs should bees ashamed of theyselves.

Pee Ess. Lucy asked in the comments below, and this is a queshun I get asked lots, so I will write here how comes my sisses never go hiking with me. You see, Dixie used to up until this year. When Dixie was 1 year old she had heart surgery wot saved her life but they sayed she would only lives half a life but should not do anything strenuous. When she was still doing OK at half a life, the heart V-E-T told mom she had noffin to lose, to werk Dixie up to hiking. So for a few years, Dixie and I hiked together with mom and Dixie luved it and did grate. But suddenly this year, at age 10, Dixie started acting rilly old and slow and gets very tired after walkies of just 2 miles. So mom felted that sadly, hiking would be too much for Dixie now so she cannot does it any mores. *sob* Sydney never could go hiking. When we gotted her out of the shelter, she could only use 3 legs coz one hip was brokened and that leg atrofeed. So after surgery and physical therapy, Sydney can use her leg very well now but 2 mile walkies is all she can handle so hiking will never be in the cards for her. So during the week Dixie and Sydney get to go on 2 mile walkies in our park and neighborhood together since they is now pritty evenly matched wif stamina.


  1. What a pawesome hike&khlimb woo had!

    Tank woo fur sharing such khool pikhs of those scenikh spots!


  2. Dat a bee-ootiful seenik hikey u did take! Seein dat NYC wuz cool!

    Dat wuz berry nice of u to be a trash collektor n cleans up affer dem dumb litter bugs. For shame on dem. Dey spoilt da seeniks fur everybuddy.

  3. Hi Shawnee,

    Thanks for sharing your hiking adventure once again. Me and mama love to read about them and all the tidbits you tell us. I really like all your pictures--it's so pretty there--but love the one where you can see NYC in the distance. Wow!

    That litter makes us mad. You and your mom are pawsome for picking it all up. It is so shameful the people that do this.

    I was just curious if your sisfurs ever go on hikes. I hopes you're havin' a good Sunday, sweet Shawnee!

    Head taps,


  4. You have such PURRty places to do to hike and you are furry lucky to have a momma who takes you to those places. Yes, it is sad what humans do in this world. Our momma often wonders how gorgeous this earth would be if humans had never set foot on it.

    Domi, the therapy dog, has passed to the Bridge this weekend. Our blog contains her last letter to her friends. Please come to visit. It would mean so much to our momma and then go to Domi's blog to offer condolences. Momma is crying a lot today.

  5. Thanks for telling me about your sisfurs. I'm so sorry about Dixie, but I'm glad she can still do some walkies and that she did get to do hikes before. I'm sorry about Sydney too but glad she can also do some walking. You know, some doggie owners don't even take their dogs on 2-mile walks or regular walks. Makes me sad. Anyway, I really appreciated reading about Dixie and Sydney. Purrs.