Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Greenies In The Mail!

Whoa. This was HUGE. Who ever thunked free Greenies would come in the mails? All mom has to say is "Who wants a Greenie" and we all fly to the kitchen pantry out of dead sleeps. Now we will be stalking the postal man.

Only pwoblem woz there woz one free Greenie and 4 dawgs... Common mom, we noes you has a stash of Greenies in the pantry! See, told ya so!

Does this mean it is time to put on our silly nomming faces yet again?

Common, foster sisfur Buttons, watch me to see how to put on your silly nomming face...

Nice furst try!

And my sisfurs each gotted a Greenie too:

Nommy! Thank you to The Greenies Company ( @TheGREENIESComp ) for the free Greenie. We ♥♥♥ Greenies!


  1. Oh, this is great. I love your nommy face, Shawnee! It's so cute cuz Buttons looks on so seriously and then she has a funny face too.



  2. Maybe I should try another greenie, I had one a while ago and I wasn't too keen on it but perhaps I should give them another go if you guys all like them so much. You look like you all love them!! I get a Dentastix for my teeth every day.

  3. that's so cool! your silly nomming faces always make us laugh! And so cute too! I don't get greenies even since mom got scared a few years ago reading all those incidents....but I get healthy edibles! which is my all time favorite! mmm mm *starts drooling*

  4. How can they only send ONE Greenie?! What an outrage!

    Thank goodness your mom had some spares around. LOVE Buttons nomming face! So funny. (Pssst... don't tell anyone -- you think I can use it on the Cute??)


  5. No Shawnee, don't eat that. Greenies are bad for you! Greenies are no longer sold in supermarkets because they are dangerous. A doggy died from eating them and the dog's parents sued. They can cause intestinal blockage.


  6. It's OK Euri, mom has been giving us Greenies for years as well as hundreds of foster dogs with no problems. We don't get them every day, mebbe once or twice a month. Mom would never give one to a dog wot inhales without chewing or give anything like that without supervision. Our vet removed a completely intact Heartguard that caused a blockage in a dog. Who would think that could be dangerous? Lots of things can cause a blockage. We is not allowed to ever has rawhides because mom has seen so many problems with those yet most people think rawhides is OK but would never give a Greenie.

  7. I'm glad woo all know about sharing!

    I think the Greenies bakers did refurmulate their recipe a bit to help with the 'issue' that was khausing some distress...

    Furry good point: almost all treats like that have things to be khareful about!


  8. Our momma gots Greenies fur us and even some teeny, tiny ones fur the kitties. Boy, you'd have to eat a lot of those tiny kittie ones for them to do any goods.☺

  9. those look so nommy!! pawesome pics!!

  10. u nommin faces iz wunnerful! I gotted free greenies in da mails once too...da kitteh ones iz nummy.

    Greenies fur dawgs iz safes az dey did reformulates it ta makes it more digestibles. Dey iz nummy n dawgs do be luvin dem.