Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oops I Ate It

My fwend Anna the German Shepherd Dog had gotted this Oops-I-Ate-It passer-on thingie wot she was wanting to pass on. When you gets it you has to tell a storee bout somefing you nommed wot you was not sposed to. I volunteered to axept it cos I needs to fess up on this xact subjekt.

Not long ago we was on the D&R Canal Towpath and every so often I would see a way to get into the canal for a swim. I would head down to the waters while mom waited for me.

This one time as I was coming out of the waters I stopped to sniff some cold cuts somebody had lefted wif a bottle of water. Must has been some fisherman's lunch wot he forgotted. Mom said "LEAVE IT!" Yes ma'am! So off we wented. I has a rilly good memorie and I knowed that on our way back I was gonna member xactly where the smelly stuffs woz even tho mom would has totally forgotted bout it. I had this so carefully planned out in my brane. Wif perfekt exekushun I nonshalontly turned rite pwetending to go into the waters for a swim but instead I stopped and started nomming rilly fast. Mom gotted suspishus rite away when she no heared the waters splashing (note to self: splash waters while nomming next time) and she caughted me snarfing down the rotten cold cuts. You would not believes how rilly lowd my mom can skreem! Here is a pic of wot was left wot I did not gets to eat coz mom caughted me afore I finished:

Mom was kreeped out coz she said it smelled like somefing had died. That is xactly why it tasted so nommy. I was very sad to has to leave that last piece for the flies. You see, mom is a veggietabulatarian so we has no cold cuts at our house. I will never has any again *sniffle*. (Pee Ess: I never horked it back up or gotted diareeas fwom it. In my opinion it was purfektly good foods wot should not has gone to waste.)

OK, so anyone else has a storee to share? Grab the passer-on thingie rite here below and let's hear wot you has nommed wot you was not sposed to.


  1. It is a furry good thing that you's momma was watchin' you's cuz you coulda' had the bad poops fur days and days iffin' you ate the whole thing☺

  2. MOL, Shawnee! I love this story. You're so funny!

  3. What a good story Shawnee!! You did a pawfect planning for the rotten coldcuts. You were so lucky no bad stuff happened. Funny story. We could picture your brain working out how to do it.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. Hmm... I bet mom has to keep an eye on you all the time, what with that sneakiness you're so good at!

  5. Why do they freak out about yummy stuff?? Just cause they won't eat it don't mean it's nasty! Mom did the same thing when I gulped down the squirrel carcass.

    I think that sandwich was meant for you...if not some other critter would have found it, it was meant to be as a gift from the doggie gods!

    p.s. my mom laughed out loud at this story

  6. I agree that perfectly good food should not go to waste. Humans are odd sometimes, but we love them anyway.

  7. U can comes here for nommin on da meats. Ma humanz iz carnivalores likes me :)

  8. Hi Shawnee. Thanks for visiting my blog and helping with my commentathon. It's very nice to meet you!

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Once when i wuz little my mom & her ex hubby were going to take me on a car trip. We were running late & ex was cranky so mom barely noticed when I got in the car I had cat litter stuck to my face. I used to get carsick all the time as a puppy & this day was no exception. When mom & ex stopped to get something to eat & came back to the car I had barfed up cat poo all over the ex's seat. Mom was mad at the ex anyway so she didn't tell him that it was poo & made him clean his seat himself while she secretly gave me the paws up. But after that she blocked off the cat box so no more tasty poo treats... sniff! Lucy the Lab from Twitter

  10. Shawnee and Lucy Your stories made mom laugh and laugh. Rotten cold cuts and cat poo with a little litter for dessert. What more could a dog ask for? Silly humans!
    Love you a whole lot, Sweet Georgia Brown