Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Got Mail! (#pawpawty August 28/29, 2009)

I got more mails today for anudder pwize I wonned at the Woodstock #pawpawty! It commed Royal Mails from my pal Emmy the Cat (@EmmytheCat) in the UK!

Oh look! It commed in a plastic body bog coz the package had gotten torned open. The plastic bag says this on it:

Hmmmmm. I noes how that happened. Does these two not look gilty, or wot?

I bet they was sniffing the mails at customs and nowed there was dawg toys in my package and ripped it open. Here is some evidences I found of that on the innerwebs that this does happen. Skeery but true.

I rest my case. But it made opening the package easier coz I could just stick my nose in the hole:

Wow! Look at the pawsome toys I gotted from Emmy the Cat:

Notice how Sydney has been hovering (mebbe she was a customs dawg in her previous life...)

She wates for just the right moment and then...

Well, thank you so much for the grate toys, Emmy the Cat! We is ALL enjoying them lots!


  1. Dems iz sum mighty fine toyz u did get from da UK. I hopes dem customs dawgs had fun wif dem while dey coulds!

  2. Oh! I like the piggy!!! Does it squeal or squeak??? Lots a good stuff for you!

  3. Tank woo fur khoming by my khorner!

    Oh the rain is GREAT! Why don't woo enjoy going out in it!?!

    Mom says woo look like of her passengers tomorrow...woo aren't Kenzie, are woo?


  4. I loves those pictures of the customs doggies! Those are some great toys! I don't blame them for getting into your package. Sydney is so cute. I love her dappled furs. Looks like she picked out a toy just for her.

  5. We think it is wonderfuls that you are sharing your marvelous gifts. That is the way life should be - kind and considerate☺

  6. wow...and here I thought it was all those nosy humans! BOL! Emmy the cat sure knows how to pick toys huh? hey look at the pink piggy! pink! BOL BOL