Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Road Trip! John Bryan State Park (Yellow Springs, OH)

On November 30 we headed back home. Mom always wanted to stop at the John Bryan State Park in Ohaio coz the boy's first and middle names is Bryan John, weird, huh?

But first I has to tell you, as we woz getting reddy to leave gramma's house in St. Louis, gramma's kitteh made some progress wif me. I think if'n mebbe I had been there longer we could has been furends. OK, she woz still saying GRRRRR and HISSSSSSS but look how close she woz to me:

So first we went thru Illinoy

where we had to get gas and it just happened to be at the exact same place we metted Lexi and her mom to send Buttons with them on our way to St. Louis. This is wot it looked like in the daytimes.

Then we drived thru Indyanna and into Ohaio where the John Bryan State Park is.

There woz 3 diffrent trails at the John Bryan State Park and we hiked them all for a total of 6 miles. John Bryan is the most seenik state park in western Ohaio with a gorge cut out by the Little Miami River. So we walked along the inside of the gorge down by the river and up high along the rim too. It woz indeed very seenik. Plus there was a stagecoach trail from the olden days where peeples traveled afore they had cars. I has to say I did not go in the waters this time coz it woz only 40 degrees outside. BRRRRRRR!

We got a pikshur of some pritty red berries and a red-headed woodpecker up high in the tree!

After the hike we gotted back in the car and saw a beeootiful sunset and a full moon.

Then we spented the nite in a motel coz we wanted to do anudder hike in the morning afore going all the way home. I woz not very impressed wif the motel and would not eat my foods. Mom ordered Domino's Pizza room service and I gotted to share wif mom even tho I woofed at the Domino's delivery man. I gotted in trubbles wif mom for that coz she said if'n I woof they kick us out of the motel so I has to be quiet. I did not woof any more.


  1. Those are some great pictures from your hike! And I'm very impressed with the progress with your grandma's kitty. But then again, who wouldn't love you, Shawnee?! *hugs*

  2. I finkin dat gramma's kitteh would maybe likes u more iffen herz did no hab a dawg n a sucky machine ta deal wif at da same time!

    OhaiO looks purrty.

  3. What a pawesome hiking place!



    PeeEssWoo: YUM Khytteh!