Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sandy Hook (Fort Hancock, NJ)

In keeping wif the Howloween theme since today is Howloween, we wented hiking at Sandy Hook coz it is sposed to be haunted! Sandy Hook is a piece of land wot sticks out into the oshun from Noo Jersey. On Sandy Hook is the oldest werking lighthouse builted in 1764 wot I sented postcards of to @loupeb, @schnille and @tweetypie54.

So how comes Sandy Hook is haunted, you mite ask? Well back during the Revolushunary War when the Americans and the British was putting the bitey on each udder, the British capshured this Captain Joshua Huddy and hanged him ded on April 12,1782 for no good reasons. So they say you can see the ghost of a Revolushunary War soldier haunting Sandy Hook and that would be Captain Huddy. Spooky.

So first things first. It was RAINING when we lefted the house. Wot? The peeples was rong again? Imagine that. But we decided it woz not that far of a drive so we would go ahead and see if'n mebbe the rains would stop when we gotted there. We had to stop at Dunkin Donuts first so mom could has her coffee. I was skeered she would not come back wif her coffees coz it was haunted in there and the peeples who werked there woz gone. Instead they had ghosts and punkins making the coffees. Spooky. But mom camed back.

We drived over the bridge to Sandy Hook and OMD, I thought we woz going to drive rite into the oshun!

We parked the car in the first lot by the fee plaza (but we did not has to pay coz it is off season) and headed strate for the beach! And yay! The rainings had stopped. Oh and coz it was after Labor Day, dogs was allowed on the beach. Check it out kittehs - a humungus litter box!

There was lots of peeples standing in the water wif sticks and strings in their hands. Is they the ghosts?

The sun was coming thru the clowds and making the sky beeootiful:

We walked by the dunes:

Mom and I was leaving pawpwints in the sands:

Kwite honestly, I was not impressed wif the oshun. It tastes NASTEE!

We seened some spooky gnarly twees:

And some big rawks:

You can see Noo York City from the beach:

Then I metted a schnauzer fwend but I forgotten his name. He lives at the coast guard place wif his dad and gets to go to the beach every day.

OMD! Wot is this?

So is this where the noggty nekkid laydees from Twitter comes from? I dinnot see any tho. Mebbe coz it is off season.

So after we hiked the whole beach we woz at Fort Hancock where the lighthouse is but I showed you that pikshur alreddy. This is where the peeples from Noo York City comes on the ferry to go to the beach.

We then taked the multi-use trail for a while...

And some hiking trails...

There woz even some woods at Sandy Hook:

At one point the hiking trail camed out onto the beach again and we got this beeootiful shot:

So we hiked 16 miles all over Sandy Hook and we never sawed any ghosts. Did you?


  1. Umm...uhh...ok...I think...I think I'm seeing ghost...ghost of Captain Huddy...*shudders* and I think he's following you!

    Ocean water taste nasty??? hmm I'll be sure to taste it when I actually get to see it.

  2. I tasted pond water once. And I love drinking from rain puddles. Never seen the ocean before, though. At least now I know not to drink there if I ever get to go!

    And I agree with LouPeb that it looks like Captain Huddy is following you!!! Spooky...

  3. HeHeHeHE!

    I liked your chaperone!

    The video of woo and the ocean water was toooo funny!

    Happy HOWLoween!

    I hope woo got lots of treats and no trikhks!


  4. Happy Meow-0-ween!

    I did see ghosties in ur pikshurs. i do hopes u did not bring he home wif u....dat would be very skeery indeeds.

    i could tells u not likin dat salty not az gud az dat salty waters taffy iz it?

    Looks like u did have anutter wunnerful adventures!

  5. Hi Shawnee,

    It's very interesting about Sandy Hook and Captain Huddy. I think my mama and papa would like to go to this place because they love lighthouses. They were in NJ yesterday to go to a LL Bean store in Marleston (that may not be the right spelling).

    The beach shot with the sunlight is beautiful and so are you. :)

    I'm glad you didn't see the nekkid ladies. They're one of the reasons my mama took me of Twitter.

    Yes, you definitely don't like salt waters!

    I don't want to scare you but I saw the ghost of Captain Huddy with you in a lot of your pictures.

  6. That is just the bestest hike and day we have ebber seens!

  7. I thought I saw a ghost, but maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. What a perfect Halloween place for mom to take you!

  8. I wish I could walk on the beach :(
    It looks so fun there !!!!
    The video is so cute ......
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Yup, I does agree bout the sea water. Yucky stuff. If salt is needed then send a hooman out for a run an then lick it off their legs.

  10. Hey that wuz great, whispers did U nos U hads a Ghost N urs pics?? I am Tweetypie

  11. Mommy grew up in NJ and used to go to Sandy Hook all the time. It looks like you had such a good time. You're so lucky you live near there.

  12. We think we saw a ghostie following you. Maybe he was a chaperone watching over you. Whatever.... Anyhow wish we coulda been there. Looks like fun and bet you was tired after the 16 mile walk..
    Ernie & Sasha

  13. BOL! Yous funny Shawnee tasting that water, thhhpppttt! BTW - I think theres a ghost following yous. Great hike, I wanna go to the beach some day.

  14. What a lot of fun! I love going to the beach too.
    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  15. Shawnee's schnauzer's friend is named Mr. Spencer. I know because I am his dad, Patrick and found this link while googling pictures of Sandy Hook where we live and walk the beach every day.