Monday, February 1, 2010

Johann's Toofer Challenge

Johann the Dog is hasing a Toofer Challenge coz February is National Pet Dental Health Month. You can hop on over to Johann's bloggie at the link above or the banner below to read all about it. Well, Johann, we is up for your challenge!

I has to say, mom's biggest fault is not brushing our teefs. Now, iz not like we remind her bout it or nuffin. We rilly does not like it. But we see the pore dawgs and kittehs mom brings home from the shelter where nobody cared about them, never mind their teefs, and they has wot our V-E-T calls "swamp mouth" wot means, rilly, rilly nasty teefs and infekshuns. We has spented lots of donashun monies fixing up teefs so our fosters can get new homes. In fact, when my sis Sydney comed to us, she needed $2500 werf of teef werk done!

And now we is in a dilemma wif my sis Dixie. Dixie will be 11 this year. She has a bad heart and woz not supposed to has lived this long. Her teef are not too bad yet but it is dangerus to put her unner anesthesia to clean her teefs. If'n we don't take the chance now and cleen her teefs, it will be even more dangerus when she rilly does need her teef cleaned and is even older in a cupple of years. So mom is not making a desishun on that rite now but she has decided to try brushing to see if she can turn it around enuff to where Dixie will not be needing the V-E-T to clean hers teefs. But Dixie RILLY hates to has her teefs brushed, BOL! She does not try to put the bitey on but there is no cooperashuns from her! Mom has to put her in a death grip headlock and then they rassle. But Dixie should knows by now that mom always wins. Here, let me demonstrate how it is done.

The supplies: (I highly recommend the chickun toofpaste.)

Take a little taste but don't nom it all up...

Open your mouf...

A wittle wider...

Getting into it now...

Don't furget those back teefs where most of the grodies is...

A denist speshalist V-E-T tolded mom once wif rilly difficult dawgs and speshully kittehs, to start out wif toona juice on your finger and make the moshuns over the teef to get used to it afore using a toofbrush. If mom does this wif Dixie then I insist she does it wif me too. Only fair, no?

So anyone else up for the challenge to brush their teefs every day this month?


  1. Mom is lucky, she doesn't have to brush our teefers because of the raw keeps them white and shiney. Good thing for her, I'd probably get that brush thing and run off and bury it in my pit!

    You're taking it like a pro!!!

  2. Shawnee!!! So cools your taking my challenge! And what pawsome instructions. I shall blog about your pawticipation and thanks for spreading the word!!!

  3. I'm going to hide this post from Mom...I don't want her to see it...

  4. Mom hasn't been brave enough yet -

    I mean, I'm a challenge to have my furs brushed -

    I did get my furst two furry yummy raw chikhken parts today - I wonder if my teeth look brighter already?

    PeeEssWoo: Woo were a furry good brushee! Did woo get some khandy afterwards?

  5. I'm proud of you and your mom and sisters for taking this challenge. My mama used to brush my teeth every night, but something happened--I'm not sure what--and she got lazy. I really hope Dixie's teeth won't get too bad. Mama was just at the vet's earlier with Bucky and saw that they had something called C.E.T. There were dog chews and additives to put in water that's supposed to help with dental health. We don't anything about it, and we're pretty sure teeth brushing is better, but it may be something worth looking into for her.

    You're so cooperative! Loved the pics!

  6. So funny post
    You made me ^____^
    I need a teeth cleaning
    but my Vet does it every year ;)

    You are such a sweet doggie

    HUGS Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Good idea - a challenge to brush. We get ours brushed but not everyday like we should. There is some stuff Mom puts in our water that is supposed to help with tartar & stuff. It doesn't taste too bad and we think it does help. Not like brushing though.
    That's us"Foster Flunkie". Te rescue group Mom is with said we can't adopt anymore for a while. -- We are taking all the good ones & have to leave some for other peoples.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica