Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cattus Island Park (Toms River, NJ)

Yay! We founded another hiking to do today. Mom checked the snow depfth maps and it sayed there only be 1 inches of snow along the Noo Jersey shore. We had hiked at Cattus Island Park afore and knowed it woz on the shore, not on the oshun, but on the bay. So we decided to gib it a shot and shore enuff, only 1 inches of snow at the shore! We hiked all the trails for a total of 8.5 miles.

They had lots of boardwalks and trails raised wif wood chips wot woz rilly soft unner my paws and keeped them dry and clean.

Eggsept for when we gotted to this boardwalk wot had sunked in the swamp waters. Oops.

Well, mom just had to walk thru it and get her feets wet coz even tho she has waterproof hiking shoes, the water woz deeper than her shoes! But it woz werth it coz the seenik views wos grate. Mom sayed when you has wool sawks on, hasing wet feet in the cold is not so bad.

There woz several times where the trail commed out at the bay waters.

And we wented thru pine forests too.

And marshes and swamps.

OMD wot is this? It is NOT mine coz I only poo in my own yard.

It makes us want to put the bitey on peeples when they not be cleaning up doody from their dogs coz then the park peeples say NO DOGS ALLOWED and we is not wanting that to happen. This poop woz rite by the park office where the park pawlice could easily find it. So mom picked up the udder dog's poo and putted it in the garbage can wot woz only 20 steps away, rite by the dog doody bag dispenser. Lazy, lazy peeples should be ashamed of theyselves!

Back at the park office we seened this rilly nifty thing:

The sign above it sayed:
In 1772 an acorn sprouted that grew into an Indian Oak. It died in 1996 at the age of 224 years.
Wow. That be an old tree. Older than mom even.


  1. Yet ANOTHER pawesome hiking experience!

    Thanks fur sharing AND fur doing your part!


  2. Ha ha...maybe just a little older than your mom.

    It was very pretty there where you were. I wouldn't want to get my paws wet, but you're right the views of the water, the shoreline and pine forests were sure worth it.

    I say HISS to the one who didn't pick up the poo. For shame! Your mom is so good.


  3. Those were some great scenic views! Mom and I love to see the cool pics of you in all of these neat places.

    *whispers* And that Indian Oak tree was even older than MY Mom, too!

  4. Beeeeeutiful...(the view I mean not the doo)
    Ocean, pine forest, swamp, marsh,
    cloud and snow... *sigh*
    I don't understand people who doesn't pick up after their dogs...
    The indian oak map is really cool.224 years....

  5. I phink the best scenic views is views of you my pal. You sure are a beauty

  6. Its so nice to see where you are walking !!!
    Such fantastic nature and a sweety you are Yeahhhhh.....

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=