Monday, May 3, 2010

Road Trip! Douthat State Park, Virginia

My regularly featured weekend hike woz not regularly featured coz, well, I woz not here! I woz in Furginia on a hiking trip with my mom. So we has lots of catching up to do coz we did lots of hiking. My friend Yoda (@Yoda_the_Dog), hims mom werks for Virginia State Parks (@VAStateParks), and one day she sayed to my mom, "Why don't you come hiking in a Virginia State Park?" Well, mom had never thoughted to do that coz around here in Pencilvania and Noo York, doggies is not allowed to stay in cabins in state parks and if'n I cannot go, mom cannot go. So mom looked into it and shore enuff, dogs is allowed in the cabins at Furginia State Parks! So on Friday, April 30 off we wented. Here I is supervising mom's driving on the trip.

I knows, I look like I is going along under duress but that is not the case at all. Watching mom drive is very hard werks. And boring. But somedog has to do it.

It takes about 7 hours to get there from our howse in Noo Joisey. We had to stop at a rest area and in Furginia and they even has speshul rest areas for dogs!

Then we gotted a preview of the mountains. WOWSER!

And finally our exit:

Now, let me gib you a tour of our loverly cabin wot we stayed in. I get weirded out and act kind of nervous and not myself in strange places but I rilly liked this cabin and woz very comfy there. I called it my "home-away-from-home."

We woz in Cabin 28. Pritty kewl looking cabin in the woods!

Furst you walk into this nifty screened porch wot keeps the bugs out that I has to put the bitey on. There is rawking chairs for mom to sit in.

When you walk in the front door, strate ahead is the nomming room:

I woz wonnering why I smelled bacon when I walked in then I seened the fireplace where peeples has been burning woods. I could has sworned I smelled bacon.

Then when you turn around, you see the living room:

Then back the udder way past the nomming room you comes into the kitchun, a most impawtant room for preparashun of the noms:

Out the door ahind me is a picnic/bbq patio:

And the yard:

Then back inside on the udder side of the cabin, we has the room wif a bed where mom sleeps:

And anudder bedroom wot we woz not needing eggcept for mom used the outlet in there to blow dry hers hairs:

Then we has the bafroom:

Mom unloaded the car and maded me a very kewl hidey spot in the same place I has my hidey spot in my real home. So this be my home-away-from-home hidey spot!

So stay tooned. We has lots of pics to sort thru so I can show you all of the hikings I did in the beeootiful mountains in Furginia!


  1. Wow! That's a really cool cabin you got to stay in! Looks really nice. Glad you weren't scared when you stayed there, either.

    *snickers* Did you pack your pink flamingo so that Sydney wouldn't swipey it again?

  2. Oh, the suspense of more piktures is killing me!! Nice crib you got there...very impressive since the nomming room is the FIRST thing you see. Very well designed!

  3. WOW!

    Maybe next time woo khan stop and pikhk me up!


  4. Dat's a really cool cabin. It's so nice they allow doggies too.

  5. Wow. That's a great cabin!! That's so cool that your mom brought all your stuff for your hidey spot. I see you have a toy with you too. :) It sounds like you two had a great weekend. I can't wait to see more. The yard outside your cabin is quite nice too.

  6. Cooooooool! *woof woof woof woof*

  7. What a great hiking trip, we'll have to look into going to a Virginia State Park soon. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!!! (Prudence aka @tildatoo on twitter)

  8. Since we live in North Carolina and RV to parks for hikes all of the time, we would love to visit Virginia State Parks. But their website says they charge $5 per dog per night? For us, that would be a Yikes! fee. Still looks like a beautiful place.