Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (Jefferson Township, NJ)

So after the big snow storm wot we thought sented more snows to the south than to the north, we figgered we had better try hiking in the north where there should be less snows rite now so we wented to Mahlon Dickerson Reservashun. Turns out there woz lots of snows up north. Mom did not think we could go very far coz it woz very hard for her to walk on soft, deep snow wot she kept sinking into but I had no pwoblems at all. She rilly could has used snowshoes but she does not has any. They cost pritty much monies but if we is going to be hasing snow like this all the times, mom mite want to get some. We ended up doing 5.9 miles so I am gessing mom now has thighs of steel BOL.

Oh, oh, oh, but first I has to tell you wot we drived by rite afore we gotted to the park. Is you reddy? Ta da!

A lake wot is named after me. I is famus! We drived over there to take a look but it is all peeples' houses around the lake so not much to see.

So on to our hike. This is how deep the snows woz:

But like I sayed afore, not a pwoblem for me at all.

We hiked mostly on the Highlands Trail which is sort of like the Appalachian Trail only it is not as long coz it is just in Noo Joisey and Noo York.

First we gotted to Saffin Pond wot woz hiding unner all the snows so you can't rilly see it:

So we had to cross a creek and I gotted over just fine. I tolded mom to bees careful coz she is hebbier than me and you could not tell wot woz rawks to step on to get over and wot woz ice. I could see where udder peeples had fallened thru the ice into the waters. So all of a sudden I hears "CRRRRRUNCH" and a noggty werd wot I cannot repeat and I turn around and mom is gone. Where woz mom? Silly mom had falled through the ice and woz sitting in the snows! But she was OK and dinnot even get her feets wet. I told her to be carefuls!

The we finded some yeller snows. I has always heared you should not eat yeller snows so I did not.

Then we started going up a mountain:

Then all of a suddens we seened somefing rilly big fly up in the airs! I mean the wings opened up woz bigger than me. We is wonnering if'n it woz an eagle. Mom tried to get pikshurs but only one turned out and the bird woz alreddy too far away for a good shot by then. He woz sitting on the cliff rite where the hawt pink circle is wot I drawed then he flied into the skies.

Then we gotted to the top of the mountain wot is called Headley's Overlook. It woz quite beeootiful.

OMD! Look at wot we founded! I had forgotted today is Balentimes Day until I sawed this. Somebody lefted me a Balentime in the snows atop the mountain at Headley's Overlook! That woz way pawsome!

Look mom, this creek has a bridge for you so you don't falls in the creek again!

So even tho there was deep snows and it was hard for mom to walk, the snows made everyfing kwite beeootiful and we had a grate time!



  1. wow dat wuz quite da walkie u did today. i hopes u mom doz no get sore frum trumpin thru da deeps snows. But dem snows not az deep az we hads here...mehbe nao dat her legs r real strong u can come walkie thru ma snows? U could walkie up to da Pagoda & plays in da snows. I bet der iz lots of yellow p-mail fur u ta read!

    Did u nose Human2 did go take doggies fur walkies at da humane society tuesday afore da snows started? herz saw lots of yellow snows like wot u seed.

    happy balentine's to u ma puppeh pal!

  2. ps...not only doz u hab a lake named affer u but a whole mountain! mehbe u could hike on Shawnee Mountain or at least go skiin der :)

  3. Hi Shawnee,

    That's cool that there's a lake named after you! Looks like you had a great hike, but I bet it was cold. We hope your mom didn't hurt herself when she fell. Mama took a short walk yesterday and saw yellow snows and right where it's yellow it look melted straight thru. She said it was gross. Love the heart left in the snow! A Valentine just for you two!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


  4. Fantastic blog post Shawnee. I was spellbound all the way and the pictures took my breath away. Such a pretty day. I can't imagine how cold it must have been, but guess you're used to it.

    Thanks for taking the time to write the guided tour of your Ballentines Day. Happy Day back to you.


  5. Happy Valentine's Day Shawnee!!!
    that was me who left a valentine! Ok... was not. but it looks like you have another secret admirer...other than me... *sigh* well...that doesn't surprise me though...
    Valentine *nosekiss* for Dixie & Sydney *blush*

  6. Shawnee, I always love your hiking stories!!! And WOW, you got your own lake!!! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! I'm off now, searching google maps for Lake Mookie...

  7. Wow - the snows did make everything really pretty on the mountain! I hope your mom didn't hurted her back by walking in the deep snows so much.

    And it's about time that there was a lake named after YOU! Yeah! *hugs*

  8. Lake Shawnee - I bet those people spent a lot of money to live on the lake named after you. I can't imagine how hard it was to hike in that snow, especially for your mom. Didn't your paws get cold?

  9. What fun woo had!

    Mom says our walks through the neighbourhood are like street hiking - she feels like she's khlimbing from mogul to pond!

    I'm making sure she's getting an extra workout!