Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area (Rockaway, NJ)

We had a very pawsome 11 miles hike at Wildcat Ridge today. Back in the 1800's peeples used to live here and werk in the mines. One of the mines is now a Batman bat cave! The bats go there for hibernashuns. They is away at they summer places now but they be back to the cave in September. The hole is blocked off to keep bad peeples out but the bats can still come and go.

The mining town is long gone now and nature has reclaimed just about efurrything. You can still see old ruins in the woods:

And, OMD, check this out! It be an old cemetery in the woods where the mining peeples wot died woz buried. It woz kwite kreepy! I wonner if it be haunted?

Then we commed to Hawk Watch but the hawks must has been at they summer homes, too coz we did not see any hawks.

So we is hiking along when all of a sudden we heard something rustling in the bushes. I stopped and looked, then looked at mom. That is wot I is supposed to do when I see wildlifes, like this:

So mom knows something woz there. She tolded me to stay till she catched up and then we both looked. OK, wot follows is a reenaktment coz MOM DID NOT GET PIKSHURS!!! She woz way too eggsited to get the camera. So when mom catched up and we looked, this is wot we sawed:

YES! A bear! Our furry furst bear enkounter! It woz way pawsome. Even tho I woz rite next to mom and she woz holding my leash, she called me and talked to me rilly lowd so the bear would hear her and knows there be a hooman around. They say you can sing but trust me, you no wanna hear mom sing. The point is to make noise so the bear knows you is there.

The bear sniffed the air trying to get a lokashun on us. Once hims bear radar honed in, this is wot happened:

Oh, it woz just way pawsome and eggsiting! (And we kindly thank the Google Images Reenaktment Aktor Bear.)

So then we went on to Split Rock Reservoir. We can hike all around the reservoir but that be for anudder day coz it be anudder 10 mile hike!

As we woz walking along the bridge by the reservoir, mom suddenly yelled "ACK!" and jumped back. This is wot mom sawed:

Mom is not skeered of snakes, he just startled her and look how big the snake woz next to me. He woz about 4 feets long! This be a black rat snake wot kinks up when skeered so that is why he do be all lumpy. I did not mean to skeer him. Sorry!

So then we headed back into the woods and had to go through creeks:

We taked a break and had a snack:

And ended up at a kewl beeber pond with two beeber lodges (where I has the orange arrows). But we did not see any beebers.

So, udder than the bear and snake, we seened an old burd nest:

Twenty too baby red-spotted newts (mom counted as she woz dodging them for about 2 miles so she would not squish them)

A pheasant and hers babies wot gotted skeered and all taked off. We hope they camed back to the nest after we left. We did not mean to skeer them. We think the mom stayed ahind to be a decoy so we would focus on her and not the babies but we told her no worries, we not herting them.

A chipmunk

And a turtle. I goosed him in the butt so he would come out of hims shell but I gotted in trubull for that. Mom says we should not traumatize the wildlifes.

And now I present you with the Shawnee Cam!


  1. What an exciting adventurous hike you and your mom had.

  2. That's so skardy you did see a bare! Iz so glad you iz safe, an did see them other wildlifes an been a good gurl.

  3. A bear! O M D!!! My mom woulda been terrified. And should woulda been even more terrified of that snake!

    Beavers, huh? I wonder if any of 'em had nekkid butts from plucking... *evil snickers, snort!*

  4. Too bad that Shawnee cam didn't get a pic of the bear! I hope I don't see any bears when I go camping...oh wait, I'm blind! BOL! ;)

    Loved the post! Beary exciting adventure you had!

  5. Wildcat? Hey I'm a wildcat after my nip, I should go hiking with you!!!


  6. This was even more adventurous than your regular hikes. Mama is going to show this to Papa becuase he loves ruins and cemetaries and that is really cool about that place being an old mining town. You guys saw a lot of wildlife. I can't believe you saw a bear. Wow! It looks so pretty near the creek but maybe more difficult to hike through (just guessing). You're a really well behaved girl, Shawnee. It seems other dogs may not have handled the bear as well as you did.

  7. Woo have the most pawesome hikes!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  8. Yikes on the snake. M would have been running down the trail with me right behind her.. I think we might have been scared of the bear, but it must have been exciting to see him. You mum is very experienced hiker - she knew just what to do. Love your adventures.

  9. WOWZA! A bear and a snake. That is enough to make our momma stay home for sure! We is city dogs, ya know☺

  10. We love being able to go with you on your hikes. We always see so much. Thanks for sharing. Howe ver, We is not really into bears or snakes(or at least M isn't). M says she's not really into seeing either one up close or personal.

  11. What a great adventure you had - a "bear," snake, many salamanders, a pheasant - you really did well on your hike!

    I'm glad to meet you from the blog hop!

  12. A bear, that must have been exciting! I noticed the Shawnee Cam was much less blurry this week. Funny that you got so many shots of your mom. It would have been real funny if you had gotten a picture of the bear. I thought the beaver lodge was really cool.

  13. Iloved your blog!
    Thanks for sharing!


  14. OMC i told dat human2 dat u would be out hikin in dis heat. At least dis wuz caturday n nots sunday (humanity wuz horribles).

    U did see so many wildlifes on dis hiky! I can no balieves u saws a bear (n dat u skeered it off). WOW!

    Wot n eggsiting day out wif u mom fur sure. So glads u both gotted pikshures. Shame dat ShawneeCam (tm) did no catch sum of dat Bear!

    Now dat u meeted one....So doz a bear pee in da woods?

  15. I fink if you dussn't mind I do be cancellin my trip to see you. I iz not scared of dem animals. Nope, that do not be the reason. It do be sumfink else. I tell you wot when I fink of it

  16. Wow! A bear! I've only seen them from the second floor of Grandma and Grandpa's house. I suspect they are much bigger when you see them in the woods.

  17. Meowee! What an awesome hike. Eleven miles is a long ways. I would have liked to have bited those newts for your Mommeh.

  18. I love this one! That bear reenactment was very exciting and dramatic.

    You two say soooo many cool friends on your hike. And I love the Shawnee cam.

    So much to love!

  19. A BEAR!!! Holy mackerel! And a cool snake! I've never seen neither! And you saw so many others...* envious sigh*...