Saturday, August 21, 2010

Appalachian Trail to Crater Lake, Delaware Water Gap, NJ

So today we hiked on the Appalachian Trail to Crater Lake for 12 miles.  There wassn't so many seenik views this time coz the trees woz blocking them.  I think in the winter times when the trees is nekkid we could has seened more.

And most of the views that there woz, woz made icky by the powah towahs.

They duss, howeffur, come in furry handy fur reading p-mail.
Rememmer that forest fire we seened the last time we hiked on the Appalachian Trail a cuppull of weeks ago?  The fire is all out but now they has signs all over in the woods about not making fires.  And about bears, but we did not see any bears, just bear poo.

And I wuss able to spy on some boy scouts at they camp down below.  This be me spying:

And this be wot I seened:

We seened a beeber howse in a pond:
This do be wot a beeber howse looks like on the insides.  I think they has a furry kewl hidey spot:
And then we seened a trail log on the Applachian Trail.  It do be a book fur hikers to write in:
I did gib it a kwik read afore mom putted it back in the plastic bag in the box:
Two Appalachian Trail thru-hikers wot started in Jordja signed it!
Finally we gotted to Crater Lake. I woz hawt and needed to kewl off my paws.

We then finded a break spot and satted down fur a snack:
As I was eating cookies, I looked down into the waters and seened a fishie gibbing me the most pawthetic fishie mooch face I has eber seened.
So I spitted out my cookie and, errr, I mean the cookie sorta fallened out of my mouf and into the waters.  Oops.
The next thing you knows, OMD, the fishies is hasing a fambly reunion.  There woz a gabillion childrens, grammas and grampas, in-laws, cuzzins...
And afore you knows it, that cookie woz all gone.  Ummmm, I mean, wot cookie?

So then we headed back.  All of a sudden mom felted eyeballs staring at her.  She turned her hed and seened about a dozen gabillion burds in the grasses.  Most had runned away afore mom gotted the camera turned on so only 3 woz left.
I biggified and googled and finded they do be wild turkey hens.
Mom did not get a pikshur of this coz it happened too fast but I axidentally skeered a big black snake and he taked off ahind me towards mom along side the trail.  Mom heared something in the grasses, looked over and seened something black moving rilly fast just as it turned back on the trail to cross over RIGHT AHIND MOM'S FEETS!!!!!  Mom seened it woz a big black snake and yelled "WHOA!" and did a jump in the air.  I woz BOLing!  But I has to tell you, that snake sure did run fast with no paws.

And lookie wot I seened on the way home.  I post this pikshur speshul fur my pal, Frankie Furter!


  1. PAWESOME hike report!

    Thanks fur sharing all that nature!

    Woo are khwite khorrekht about those beeber khlubhouses!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  2. Shawnee, are you sure you're a senior? You seem pretty darned spry to me!

    It was pretty nice of you to share, erm, accidentally drop that cookie with the fish! I'm sure that was a nice treat for them. We are really hoping for cooler weather here soon so we can go out more.

    If I saw that truck, I might have to jump out of the van and run it down!


  3. That was way cool. Did you know there's a Crater Lake where I live in Oregon. Mom has been there and she said she'd take me. Maybe I can have an adventure like you.


  4. What a great hike. Just love reading the blog. Someday, Morgan and I may try to start one.
    -Mr. Taleteller

  5. Did any of those beavers have nekkid butts that someone had plucked? *snickers, SNORT!, snickers*

  6. Great and wonderful pictures and commentary. I'm glad you shared your cookie (wot cookie?) with those fish. They looked hungry and I saw them smile in that last picture.

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. That wuz a kewl hike you did Shawnee an I rilly liked those turkey hens they look nommy

  8. OhMC - M would have died right on the spot if a snake crawled right over her feet!! She's scared of anakes, and I've never seen one. I'd probably want to play with it to.

  9. You would have been proud of me dis week my pal. I went on a big hike for 5.5 hours up a big mountain wivout stoppin except for a few minnits for noms. We woz 800 metres in the air....bujt fankfully we dint see no sneks or bears...only sheeps. We gonna blog bout it in a day or two. Dad did keep menshunning how pleezed you would be wiv our walk

  10. Cool hike report. That boy scout camp is so pretty! The water is gorgeous the way the trees are reflected in it.

    That hiking log is interesting to read what former hikers did. You are way cool to share your cookie with the pathetic fishy.

    Love the frankfurter truck you saw on the way home!

  11. wow Shawnee! you meeted so many animals! how cool! and even a giant hotdog! sweet!! good thing you no meeted any bears! O.O! Thanks for great report!!

  12. Did you get a chance to sniff that bear poop good? I haven't smelled that before but maybe on vacation I will get a chance. Not sure I want to run into the bear though!

  13. As usual - love hearing and seeing your adventures! It was very nice of you to share your cookie with that fish and his family! (I was in stitches laughing at this!)

  14. So sweet of you sharing your cookie with those starving fishie family. :o)