Monday, August 23, 2010

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore?

When I think bout wot I like to nom, the following comes to mind...
Chickun, Beefs, Zuke's Berry Cookies...
You say wot, Zuke's Berry Cookies?  Trust me, there be no berries in there, it is just to make the hoomans think they be good fur you coz those cookies do be my faves.  I would never eat froots. Anyways, I fancy myself a carnivore as duss Dixie and we say BLECH to froots and veggies.  Mom can has them seeing as she be a herbivore and say BLECH to meats.  I dussn't get it but I say to each hims own.

Then we has my sis Sydney wot be an omnivore - she goes bof ways.  The udder nite mom told Sydney to come inside.  Sydney furst ducked down and picked up somefing in her mouf.  Mom had to bring her inside to see better in the light afore applying confiskashun tactics.  (Sydney can has a case of the lockjaw when she brings contraband inside.) Sydney commed inside and this do be wot woz in her mouf:
"Is there a prawblem?"
"It do be all mine.  No tutching my pear."
Over the years Sydney has nommed up apples wot ends up in the yard.  She will say GRRRRR if'n me or Dixie get too close while she is nomming apples so we stay far, far away from her.  (Like we be wanting her stinkin' apple?)  Sydney only threatens to put the bitey on us over froots, not udder noms - furry strange. We has no apple tree and the neybors has no apple trees so we think the skwerrels drop them in our yard while they is sitting on the fence nomming them.  But this is the furst time we seened a pear.  Wonner where that commed from?

So mom letted Sydney has her pear coz she knows how much she lubs froots and seeing it woz not a rodent, no harm done.  A few minits later Sydney commed into the udder room to watch televishun wif us.  Mom thought Sydney had sekond thoughts about the pear and went to get it afore it was forgotten about and gotted rotten in the howse. This do be wot mom founded.

Then Sydney did has to pose wif wot woz lefted of her pear.  She do be a silly gurl.
"I eated it all and it woz NOMMY!"
"Got fruit?" Ad Campaign


  1. That Sydney looks kyute wiv her froots but Iz wiv you - yuck to froots xcept fur strawberry ice creams!

  2. MOL! Sydney is a funny girl. Growling over fruit? I don't get it either. Love the pictures of her cute face all happy for nomming that pear.

    p.s. After Mama cuts a lemon, if she pets me, I go mad licking her fingers. The lemon zest is so good!

  3. Thats pretty cute. Good job Sydney. :)

  4. BOL! This morning Dad was making a salad for Mom to take to work and we all stood in the kitchen snoopervising. Dad said he didn't think we'd like it, but I made a bet with Morgan that I could get him to give me anything. I turned the doe eyes on him and he gave me a piece of lettuce. I carried it right to the living room and spit it out on the floor. Then Morgan licked it until it was all slimey for Dad to pick up! We fooled him good! We're still waiting for rabbit meat here.

    I can't believe she ate all of that except the stem! Wow!


  5. That is one of Mom's favourites!



  6. I, too, had a yummy pear today, Sydney! Delicious!

  7. BOL! Sydney is so cute posing with her pear stem!

  8. I iz a onivore i fink cos I likes apple and blueberries and carrots but only when they is gibbed to me. We got apple trees in the garden but I dussnt eat em off the ground. Dad tell me we used to hab a pear tree in our old ouse before I was borned but the squirrels was welcome to em all cos they wasnt sweet.

  9. My Toby LOVES veggies and fruit so he must be one of those omnivores you talked about. I'm sorta learning about those things--Mom's given me bananas and cucumber and I like them! But I don't know about this Zuke's Berry Cookies. Mom buys us Zuke's treats all the time, but not those. I'm going to tell her to get us some!

  10. Besides the eyes, your Sydney reminds us of our Miss M, who will eat anything!

  11. And the next logical question gas? :)

  12. Aw, Sydney is too cute with her pear! She really likes it! Froots are good for you, you know, Shawnee... :)

  13. n who did introduce dem zukes berry noms to u....hmmmmm?

    u r silly dogs eatin fruits! Kittehs would nebber ebber eats least i finks we wouldn't.


  14. Sam ate a pear when he was a pup and had the runs for days! We think he might be more of a omnivore, he will eat veggies, fruits and meat!


  15. Could you be any cuter/photogenic? Maybe you could spare just a small chunk of pear for us....we do enjoy them as well :)

  16. BOL BOL BOL Go Sydney!
    Must be Fruit Fairy or something...
    I love Syndey!
    umm I don't eat fruit.