Saturday, August 14, 2010

West Mountain/The Timp/Doodletown (Bear Mountain State Park, NY)

Today we hiked 10 miles. We furst wented up two mountains, West Mountain and the Timp. We seened lots of nice views of the Hudson River:

We seened some real life akshual Appalachian Trail thru hikers wot had hiked here all the way from Jordja! We founded the shelter where they had spented the nite:

Wot a grate view they had from they shelter:

Well, you can't akshually see it in that pikshur so I has to biggify it fur you. To the left they could see the Hudson River:

And strate ahead the Noo York City skyline:

We had to climb hi atop this mountain...

... and it taked mom so long I founded a shady brake spot and wated for her...

Mom sayed that duss be a grate brake spot so we chilled there fur a bit.

Mom's hed duss be in the way but this is wot we be looking at:

And mom capshurred a pritty good shot of some kind of raptor burd:

We climbed up the next mountain and look at wot we seened - rememmer that shelter we woz at on the last mountain? We could see it from The Timp mountain. I cannot beleeve we hiked that far!

Then after all that hard mountain climbing hiking, we has some rilly easy hiking while we woz dilly dallying around Doodletown. This do be an old road wot wented thru the town but the town is not there any mores coz now it do be a ghost town.

They duss has some signs around wot tells you wot used to be there in the olden days like this one:

And here do be that old, old oak tree wot they writed about:

And wot kind of ghost town would this be without a cemetery? We seened an old toomstone from 1816 but some had no werds on them any mores so they could be even older.

We thought we founded a motherload of litters until mom looked closer and seened that these duss be old artifakts like old brokened bottles and dishes. Peeples had prolly finded them and put them up on this wall fur efurryone to take a look at.

We did, howevers, find some reel litters. Mom snagged this bag wif her pole wot woz stucked in some bushes:

And we added a few more pieces to our litter collekshun afore we finished:

Well, afore I goes to take my nap coz I is rilly tired, let me hop on over to the Blog Hop!


  1. Mom is so smiling -

    Yet it is one of THOSE smiles...

    She had adopted TWO Sibes from TOTTSHR - Bear-Bear's Reskhue -

    One of them was LadyGray - her nikhkname was DOODLE - fur she was as khute as a little Doodlebug -

    SOOOOO, Mom sees three special 'things' together in one post!

    Mom thinks of The AT evFURRYtime she khomes bakhk up I81 fur she sees it just past Carlisle -

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome hike AND pawesome VIEWS!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  2. What a cool place to hike! I am so impressed that you went so far, too. I think I would like hiking through a ghost town a whole lot!

    Do you ever find small furry things to chase on your hikes?


  3. Just dropping by to visit our GSD Friend. One thing I noticed from doing the blog hop & Blogger in general is that I don't see many GSD blogs around. Your photos are gorgeous & Shawnee is so lucky to go on such adventures. Erin would just love such excursions.
    Have a Great Weekend, Erin & Mom

  4. Some terrific views on that hike! Of course it reminded mom she is behind on her reading. She is really enjoying the book though.

  5. We likes da sounds of Doodletown. shame it be a ghosty town. Did u see any ghosts? I would be skeered of real live ded ghosties.

    Looks like u had a bootifuls day. Shame we no gets shawnee cam pikshure nun more :(

  6. Another great adventure with tons of scenic views! I can't believe you walked up two mountains...that makes me tired just thinking 'bout it! *snickers, SNORT!*

  7. Reading your blog makes mom nostalgic for NY sometimes. She used to got to Bear Mountain several times a year when she was kid. I'm glad I found your blog and showed it to mom. Reading it always makes her smile.

  8. That shelter is so neat looking. To think how old it must be. They found a great location with a great view.

    How fun to go to a ghost town! The oak tree and cemetary are beautiful.

    Great pictures of all the views!!

  9. Woof! Shawnee you sure do go on some great hikes! I thought I went for good walks, but yours are even better.. you got mountains and all sorts! You take some great photos too.

  10. Much love to you and tagged you with an award!