Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Shawnee Cam, RIP

It do be wif grate sadness that I must repawt that we has pulled the plug and takened the Shawnee Cam off of life suppawt (disconnected from the pooter) and it do be pronounced DOD (dead on dog).

I mean, it would has lived furever prolly on life suppawt, but when the plug is pulled, the Shawnee Cam do be ded. That woz not rite.

Mom googled fur the instrukshun manual last nite to see if'n there be any udder life saving meshures we could take. We has a hard copy here. Somewhere. But we had googled it afore and founded it. It do be here:

Mom founded it on the innerwebs again, readed efurry werd and tried restoring to factory defaults. That werkded for just a few minits then the Shawnee cam started flashing red/green/red/green again and that do mean it be in terribull pains. So mom founded a pee-mail address fur the Uncle Milton peeples wot maded the Shawnee Cam and sented them this pee-mail:

Now we knows it be too soon to eggspect an ansser from Uncle Milton, however, we duss find it furry odd wot happened this morning. Mom tried to pull up the manual again and this do be wot happened:

OMD! We is thinking Uncle Milton gotted mom's pee-mail and rilly quick like taked the manual off the innerwebs. Wot duss you think? Coincidence? Or not?


  1. I get great dog detective Sherlock Bones on da case. We gonna sort out dat probelms for sure...

  2. OMC it do be ded ded ded.

    We no wants it back now. no ZOMBIE cams on ma Shawnees neck!

    I see bout gettin a live non-franklinstein one fur u ma pal!

  3. SHAWWWWNNNEEEEEEE- did you breakded it? I don't thinks yous did but how will we efur survives wifouts it? Maybes yous should haves a fun-eral fur it? Maybes Puddles sent dam udder ship to it?

  4. Don't you just hate it when stuff breaks. We certainly are going to miss your pictures.

  5. I think Tree Rats got into it and layed EGGS. Poor camera.. RIP

  6. Hmm. Sounds like Uncle Milton is hiding out from your mom, but she didn't threaten him. Perhaps he already knew there is a problem with his cam but hoped no one would notice? Or he moved suddenly?

    Sorry about your cam.

  7. Hmmmmmm

    Pretty good detekhtive work -

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  8. RIP Shawnee Cam! We are so disappointed to hear this news! We were thinking about trying one since we'd seen yours and the one the Two Pitties in the City have, but it doesn't sound like it would be such a great buy. I think that Uncle Milton is being a little fishy!

    Bunny and Morgan

  9. Not sure what's up with that, but we know lektroniks can be frustratin'! Good luck with gettin' it fixed up!
    The Road Dogs

  10. so sorry to hear!!! I do loved dat ShawneeCAM *sob*

  11. I sure did love watching da ShawneeCAM. sulksulksulk

    Don't feel too bad Miss Shawnee. Da lady getted us dat same cambera and it didn't work almost from da beginning.

  12. *sniffles* I'll miss you, Shawnee Cam. You were a wonderful addition to Shawnee's hiking adventures. I loved the pictures you'd take of Shawnee's tongue. Rest in peace, Shawnee Cam.