Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bash Bish Falls State Park, MA and Taconic State Park, NY

We hiked in TWO parks in TWO states today fur 9.8 miles.  The parks is next to each udder so we hiked back and forth atween them.  Furst, since I woz in Massachoosits, I gibbed a big shoutout to my furrend Pandora wot lives there!  

We hiked to Bash Bish Falls and even tho we has had a drowt and the creeks be dried up, they saved us some waterfalls.  This place gits rilly bizzy coz it is close to the pawking lot so we wanted to see the water falls afore udder peeples gotted there.

And as we hiked on over to Noo York, we gotted close enuff to Bash Bish Brook that I could go in and get my furs wet.

We had some nice seenik overlooks of the valley with farms and the Catskill mountains far away.

I think where the arrow be pointing do be where we hiked atop Slide Mountain in the Catskills afore.

We commed across this marker wot sayed we woz on the Massachoosits state line again.  The marker woz maded in 1898 it sayed on there.

Then, darnit, mom catched me nomming on something and yelled DROP IT rilly lowd.  I had founded cold cuts and can you believe I had to spit them out and mom would not let me has them?  Dussn't they look delish?

So at the end of the hike when we camed back to the Bash Bish Falls where our car woz pawked, OMD, look at all the peeples wot is there now!  The park pawlice woz hasing to direct traffics.
And this woz just the peeples down at the falls.  There woz lots more on the trail to the falls and on the viewing platform.  And there woz noggty peeples and dogs there.  Some dogs woz woofing and wanted to put the bitey on me.  Their peeples did nuttin about it so I just snubbed those dogs and pretended like they not be there.  Then a noggty childrun runned at me waving a stick like he woz going to hit me in the hed.  Hims mom gotted him rite afore my mom woz going to tackle him.  My mom woz not amoosed and gibbed his mom a durty look.  I would not has hurted the childrun but peeples wonner why us dogs put the bitey on them when they duss that?  I say leave bratty dogs and bratty childruns at home!

So on the way home mom stopped by this farm market and buyed organic froots and veggies.
You see that sign wot my pink arrow be pointing at?  You cannot see it coz the udder sign is in front of it but that sign do say
Organic fruit, vegetables and chicken for Shawnee.
Rilly, it did.  Do you think mom buyed me any organic chickun?  No.  Just this icky stuff:

Sydney, of course did the big mooch face and gotted some carrot.  Blech.
And to think I woz so close to hasing those cold cuts.  I must work on stealth nomming so mom duss not sees my mouf move.


  1. With as smart as woo are, I KNOWS woo will do it!

    Thanks fur sharing the pawesome hike!

    Sorry 'bout the ninnypooppeops!


  2. I am living vicariously through you this weekend, Miss Shawnee! The van had to go get fixed and then Dad decided it was too hot for us to go hiking anyway. Phooey on that. Somebody better plan on taking me somewhere next weekend is all I know!

    I can't believe that boy was going to hit you with a stick! I think Mom might have taken it away from him and threatened him with it. Good grief!

    No organic chicken, either?! What an outrage! I can't believe your mom didn't read the sign!


  3. Must have been exciting to be in two states all at the same time like that. That Bash Bish Falls was mighty pretty too and mom and I had a good time saying that name. Too bad about the cold cuts they did look nommy.

  4. No chicken? Just vegetables? BLECH! I think after putting up with bratty brats and poopy dogs you deserved at least just one chicken?

  5. We are most impressed that you drop cold cuts on command. We know the leave it command, but sometimes . . .

  6. Kewl! You wuz so near mai howse an you remembared me too! That iz a bewtiful place I din't even know wuz near me. I sorry you din't get to eat those yummy noms, that's so unfare!

  7. Great tour of your hike. I don't go outside, so I love vicariously through your outings. I think ... besides the cold cuts... I liked the waterfalls the best.

    Have a great day.


  8. What great pictures. It looks like you had a good time, except for the veggies.

  9. Shawnee... you took a HOOOGE walkie. It was beautiful. I loved every picture. I am glad you did NOT have a picture of the bratty kidlet though!!

  10. Those were some great pictures again Shwanee. Dat thingy called waterfall as bootiful. I still want to go hiking with you sometime (of course I expect to ride on your back cuz I could never hike 9 miles like you do.)

  11. Thanks for sharing your hike pics - love them as usual. You're such a happy dog, Shawnee - it's always a pleasure to read your posts!

  12. I just want to first say how uncool it was that you had to drop those cold cuts. I love cold cuts too. On top of that, your mom only bought fruits and veggies. Sigh.

    Sorry about the bratty kid. Hiss!

    The waterfall is so pretty!

    p.s. You made my day the other day saying that I look I'm losing weight. It's slow-going, but I think I may be trimming down a bit.

  13. I can't believe you were denied cold cuts. That happened before, too, didn't it? Maybe a year or so ago? And then to be denied the organic chicky when the sign even SAID that it was chicky for you... Hrmph! You're going to have to start working on re-training your mom, I'm afraid. Gotta get her to do your every bidding...

  14. That's not a pikture my peeple will ever take. I wud have nommed them veggies in free seconds flat

  15. Hey Shawnee!!! We been thinking about you lately since we've been doing some hiking up our ridge the past weekend. Read through all your posts, you seen some fun stuff! Don't know what I would do if I saw a bear. But we did see the cougar prints at the pond the other day. We found out theres a cougar that lives here, but is super scared of us and peeps. We be blogging later, but we found a cool frog pond on the property, and you probably saw the big rock I got to climb. We're waiting for some rain to come so we can go swimming in the creek, it's all dried up right now. If we every get Mum to stop working so much we're going to a couple of parks near by to get in some real hiking, but we sure hope we don't see lots of kids like you....not fun! Thanks for all your hiking adventures my friend, we love reading them :) Oh, BTW, Mum is getting real good with her magic wand stick to keep the spiders off her on our hikes and I'm not scared of all that waving at all, BOL!