Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Smokey Bear!

Today do be Smokey Bear's birfday coz he sayed so on hims Twitter:

It do be furry sad that on Smokey Bear's birfday, there do be a huge wildfire in my own back yard wot we seened while hiking on Saturday. It do be on the impawtant big wildfire map on Smokey Bear's web site:

It has been confirmed in the New Jersey Herald that the wildfire woz started by a hooman wot maded a campfire.

A wildfire that has burned 250 acres in Worthington State Forest was ignited by a campfire that was in an area where campfires are not allowed, a state Forest Fire official said Monday...

The fire do still be burning. So for Smokey Bear's birfday all he asks is that efurryone does they part to prevent forest fires just like he sayed in hims moovie here:



Lucy the Cat said...

Happy birthday, Smokey! Mama remembers him since childhood. We're so sad to hear that the fire is still burning. I hope there's rain there soon!

Sallie said...

Smokey! I love Smokey. You would think that after all these years, someone would pay attention to him. Sigh. I feel bad for all the wildlife that lose their homes when humans are careless.

blindmaximus said...

If I had just waited til this post, I wouldn't have asked my question in the last post! BOL! :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Here's to Smokey!

We'll have khake but we won't light the khandle!


houndstooth said...

We love Smokey the Bear! I didn't know it was his birthday. You know everything!

We have our paws crossed that you get some rain to help put out that fire near you!


Mariodacat said...

It's a good reminder for our oomans to be careful of camp fires, lighters, & matches.

road-dog-tales said...

Forest fires are a total bummer! Thank goodness for Smokey and his reminders to be careful! We saw his picture a bunch on our trip. Happy Birthday Smokey!

PeeS Shawnee - we got the map idea from somebody else, too :) so it's not our original idea! But they're cool, dontcha think?

The Road Dogs

Busy Buttons said...

Happy Birthday Smokey! That's a very sad "present," but I bet Smokey is happy that doggies like you have YOUR Smokey on!