Sunday, October 25, 2009

High Point State Park - High Point Monument (Sussex, NJ)

Today we hiked 8 miles in High Point State Park wot has the highest mountain in Noo Jersey wif a kewl war veteran monument on top of it! Also, this park is in the very tippy top of Noo Jersey way up in the corner so we could see three states at one time: Noo Jersey, Noo York and Pencilvania!

So we hiked up, up, up on the Appalachian trail ...

And all of a suddens in the middle of the woods, we sawed this observashun deck:

Now you has to understand that I is deathly skeered of full flites of stairs. I has NEVER in my 8 years been in the upstairs of my very own house. Just not happening. So you think I was going up this observashun deck? I tried and only gotted to the first step.

Here is a seenik overlook wot I did not see coz I was tied to the bottom of the deck and mom and the boy wented up wifout me. How could they?

Hellllooooo.... I is lonely down here...

So they finally commed back down and we headed towards the monument.

So here I is on the platform at the base of the monument. It was up only a cupple steps like our deck at home so I could handle that.

But OMD, woz it windy! We woz at the highest point and the wind whipped us around. I woz skeered mom and I woz going to take off into outer space! The pikshur is crooked coz mom could not hold the camera strate. Listen to how loud the wind woz and see how my leash is flying and my ears would not go up?

The monument was so high that mom could not get the whole thing in the pikshur up close wif me in it.

Then we taked a little break and looked at the seeneries.

Next woz Cedar Swamp which was a very kewl place. It has these Atlantic White Cedar twees wot is not supposed to grow up high in the mountains but the sign sayed hundreds of years ago, afore I was borned, a little seed landed there and condishuns was rite for it to grow and then it maded more twees and then a whole famblee of Atlantic White Cedars.

And then there was a boardwalk over the swamp. It rilly woz not necessary for me coz I could has just gone in the waters.

Then we camed to Lake Marcia wot was named after my mom's fwend Marcia in St. Louis. Or mebbe not. But mom pwomised Marcia she would send her pikshures of the lake wot has her name. There is a Lake Shawnee too. Now that one I knows is named after me. We will has to hike there sometime.

Then we camed back around to where we could see the monument but the skies had cleared up and was blue so we got a better pikshur:

Then we camed back to that observashun deck. Oh noes! Mom lefted me. Hey mom, wate, don't leave me! I want to give it a try. Come halp me!

So mom halped me and I was brave...

Mom sayed "Come on Shawnee, you can do it!" and I made it to the landing! Wot, there is anudder flite of stairs?

Finally, after MUCH encouragement, I maded it all the way to the top and mom and the boy cheered "YAY SHAWNEE!!!!" I was so proud.

So that was our hike and I maded big akomplishments today. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!


  1. Yay, Shawnee! So proud of you making it ALL the way up the steps. I wonder why you don't like steps?

    Another fabulous hike! How cool that you could see three states. And the video of you was very, very windy! Your ears were cute all pinned back. Love your blog!

  2. Hi Shawnee,

    Your mom took some great shots on your hike. I especially like the one from the observation deck and the top one of the three states. The video of you in the wind was so cute.

    I didn't know you were scared of stairs. Do you know why? That is so amazing that you not only went up one flight but two! You are a brave girl! Do you go up the stairs at your house now?

    I just looked at the pictures again. I also love the one of you in the water with the scenery and the one of you and the boy walking on the path with the fall leaves. Oh, and the one of you on the bridge. Ok, I love them all.


  3. Wow! You have your own lake named after you! You are amazing my friend...amazing!

    Even more so for con-core-ing your fears! Nothing can stop you now! And btw, your vest still looks stunning you on you girlfriend! Kisses!

  4. What a pawesome awesome day woo had!

    I'm sooooo furry jealous of that view woo had!

    Tank woo furry much fur sharing and fur being so brave too!


  5. Woohooooooo all paws up for Shawnee!!! We're sooooo proud of you! All the way to the top! *happy doggie dance*
    And thanks for the beeeeeautiful pics! We really appreciate it. :o)
    Maybe someday we can swim together...side by side...*wishful*

  6. Dat do look like it wuz a wunnerful place for walkies!

    I iz beary prouds of u climbin da skeery stairs all da way to da top fur such a beoootiful views.

    I i too doz know dat Lake Shawnee iz named affer u. I did look it up in wikipedia n dat wot it said (or at least dat wot it will says when i iz dun wif it --- MAHAAAAAA).

  7. Yeah, Shawnee -- you were so very brave! Good job!

  8. I opes you ears are not flat any more Shawnee. That is not how a dog shud be. We say ask mum to comb then back into their natural posishun. Woof