Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stokes State Forest (Branchburg, NJ)

Today we did a wonnerful hike in Stokes State Forest. This hike we founded on the NY/NJ Trail Conference web site and wanted to gives it a try. It was a 10 mile hike where we climbed to the top of Sunrise Mountain then hiked along the Appalachian Trail on the Kittatinny Mountain ridge which means we was walking along the very top of the mountains for about 5 miles with seenik overlooks on both sides of us almost all the times. Totally pawsome! And the wevver was a wonnerful 70 degrees. We hiked wot is in hawt pink on the map.

Now tell me honestly. Does my snazzy, no-huntin-me orange, wot all the kewl dawgs is wearing vest, make me look fat? (@SirBarley says all the kewl dogs is wearing orange vests - it is the new black) I think it is the water bottles mom put in the nifty side pawkets. She is going to has to come up wif something better.

So on our way up to Sunrise mountain, I found another fwend wot had an orange vest on and it saved his life coz had he not had his orange vest on, mom would not has seen him and would has squished him.

Online we sawed that he mite be called an Orange Mountain Gecko but when we googled that noffin else camed up so mebbe somebody who founded one like him just maded that name up? But he was a brave little guy. Look at wot he did to my tail!

I sat very still like mom told me to and dinnot skeer him. When he was done checking out my tail, we quietly took off in the udder direkshun so we would not step on him. (KORREKSHUN: As BorisKitty pointed out in the komments below, this does seem to be an orange salamander - tons of them come up when you google that. Thank you Boris!)

So here is some of the seenik overlooks:

And then we metted one more fwend on the way back. We skeered him when he heard us coming and skittered speedy kwik across the trail. But he stopped coz he thought we could not see him but we did and gotted his pic. We think he is a very young Eastern Garter Snake. He donnot has poisons.

OK, I is going to take a nap now. The hike made me sleepy.


  1. Hi Shawnee,

    You are such a good girl to sit still while that orange lizard crawled on your tail. Your hike was wonderful it seems. I think you look very cute in your orange vest.



    p.s. Could maybe you ask your mom to e-mail my mom at My daddy found a homeless kitty today. We have never really did any rescue and if she has any tips for us, it would be great. We are new to the area and don't know anyone. We were thinking of using PetFinder. This kitty is a mess, though. He needs to go to the vet first thing tomorrow.

  2. Shawnee you can never look fat! I love your vest! orange is my, I mean mom's fav color!
    OMD look at that orange gecko! I can't believe you stayed still! No way. nope. not possible. wow...I knew you were good but... wow...*impressed*
    I've never met a garter snake. I don't think I met any snake...yet...
    That orange gecko is just too cute. Mom keeps looking at him over and over. :o)

  3. Awesome hike, Shawnee! I want an orange mountain gecko -- even if that's not really his name, I want one! And I can't believe you let him get on you like that... I would have jumped!

    And orange really is your color. I don't even see the water bottles... ;)

  4. unlike da utter anipals i tell u like it iz. i do balieves dat da vest be givin u love handles (I not finkin u story bout wawa bottles be true).

    buts even iffen u "looks" fat in dat orangie vest I iz glad it iz on u so no hunters fink u iz a deer. we not wants u shots ded.

    Ma human is finkin dat u orange furend iz a salamanders n nots a needs for geikos car insurances in forrestsz.

  5. OMB you let dat lizard thingy crawl on you! WOW!! COOL!!

  6. WOW!

    I think woo were at the top of the world!

    Mom always loved taking The PA Turnpike and going thought THAT tunnel!

    I'm glad to see your orange worked so well!


  7. Shawnee, you is lookin very cool in yer vest. I am asking dad for one so I can goes out at night for walks

  8. Hi
    I am the first time on your blog :)
    Nice to meet you !!!
    You are looking very cool with your orange jacket on ;)
    Great pictures all ....
    hugs from
    Kareltje =^.^=

    greetings from The Netherlands
    Anya :)

  9. Hi Shawnee. Thanks for stopping by to offer your heart felt condolences on Rebekah the hamster's demise. We miss her!

    Our whole family (minus Ruby the hamster - she's too small) is being trained in Search and Rescue. With that nifty pack on you look just like a S.A.R. canine professional! Want to join our team? You could help us locate lost children, hunters, and alzheimers patients in Maine.

  10. Hi Shawnee,

    My mommy went to the same park when she was little. She said she stayed there for school one weekend and it was fun but she didn't see any snakes - thank goodness because mommy is petrified of snakes.

    You look very handsome in your reflective jacket. I'm glad you had a good time.


    Euri, the Dog

  11. What a beautiful color for your vest. Bet nobody will mistake you for a deer or something else to maybe shoot at. Pawsome pics. Wish we could have gone with you. It would have been fun. 10 miles is a good hike. Bet you got a good rest when you got home.
    Ernie & Sasha
    PeeEss: Don't think either Sasha or I could have been as good as you when that critter walked on you tail.