Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #16: My 2nd Job

This week's photo hunt do be about wot our jobs is aside from taking care of our hoomans, and you all duss know that be a full-time job seeing as hoomans is totally helpless without us animals. 

So to gibs you some background, if'n you read my Thanksgibbing Day Story of Me fur the contesty Minna Krebs woz hasing you will knows I woz a furry skeered puppeh with no soshulizashuns when I commed out of the shelter.  (Incidentally, I wonned the random drawing GRAND PRIZE of a donashun of $50 green papers to an animal charity of my choice - yay! I had Minna Krebs make her donashun to Cleveland Amory's Black Beauty Ranch where they rescue all kinds of abused and neglected animals so they can live there happily ever after.)  So anyways, because I woz so skeered and unsocialized I knows rite away when udder dogs feel that way and I take them unner my paw to make them feel less skeered.

Mom would take me along on adopshun day to sit with the skeered dogs.  I would calm them down and show them they had nuttin to be skeered of.  They would make grate progress with me around and evenshually get adopted.

Here I is with Billy Joe at an adopshun day.  He woz so skeered he would try to crawl into the bricks of the wall but with me there, he would lay front and center rite next to me on the blankie, let peeples pet him without cringing away and even go with me and mom fur little walkies.  All of the volunteers woz so shawked at how Billy Joe would come to life around me.  This is how I teached him to trust peeples more and he gotted adopted.  Sometimes is just takes one wot has been there to help udders overcome their fears.
Wot kind of second jobs duss you all has?


  1. That is a wonderful job and you're so good at it!! I love that pic of you and Billy Joe!


  2. shawnee that is grate job you haz! so nice to help other doggies not be scared so they find good furever homes. and that is very good piccy of you telling billy joe not to be afraid!

  3. What a great job and you are doing it really well! I agree with Cokie. I love that picture of you and Bill Joe! Maybe the scientists can bottle up the calming dog juices you must be giving off and we can donate it to shelters around the world!

  4. You totally do a great job at your second job! From personal experience, I know what Billy Joe was thinking.


  5. Great job helping Billy Joe to learn to socialize a little bit. Very wonderful that he got adopted.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. You are one special pup Shawnee. I think my Momma wants to hug you so hard your head would pop off! Don't worry though she does that to us all the time!

    Wiggles & Licks,


  7. I am so happy that you won Minna's contest and are going to make a donation to such a wonderful organization! Looks like you have a very important job! My second job is kitty wrangler. I live with three and it is my job to keep them in line.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Congratulation on winning the contest. WE have always thought you were special and now we know you are even MORE special if that can be. Good 2nd job of helping other scared pups.
    Love & slobbery kisses

  9. Concatulations on winning the contesty! That's excellent. And concatulations on the excellent job you do of helping scared doggies get adopted. That's a furry impawtent job and you do it well.

  10. Shawnee you are just the most perfectest of dawgs to do this very much impawtant job. You ben there and dun dat and nose just how to help others.
    That is grrrrrrreat. Minna is super duper fur puttin those green papers up fur a shelter or such.

  11. Khongrats on winning!
    Khongrats on pawing it along to such a great organisation!

    BIGGEST KHONGRATS fur the pawesome jobs woo do!

    Me? I'm in charge of Mom's exercise programme...I also make sure she doesn't eskhape out the 2nd story bedroom by blokhking the doorway and/or stairs...I also make sure she doesn't sneak out the powderoom OR laundry room by keeping her in my sights!


  12. You do so wonderfully at your job!

    As for my jobs, whew, there are a lot! First I was training to be a racer, then I became a pet, now, besides taking care of Mom and Dad I visit the people in the nursing home, help Mom out at school once in a while, and I star in and help write the blog! I'm exausted just reading about all that stuff I just wrote!


  13. Oh Shawnee, You and your mom have such wonderful, kind hearts! Congrats on earning the money, too - I'm sure every bit helps. Rescue work is hard on the purse and heart, and you've helped both ;)

  14. You did it again - you made mama's eye leak. She's so proud of you - so am I! Shawnee, you are a rescuer of animal SOULS - you reach in & bring the life back to their souls. Bless you, you beautifurr doggie! xoxox ~Andy

  15. You iz a hero for all dawgs my pal. We is proud to kno you.

  16. That is a really awesome job humans need somebody to do that job for them too its really a great thing to do cos if you are not scared you can enjoy life more so you give other dogs that chance.

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  18. Shawnee! You won this week's ANipal Photo Hunt and with a great photo essay too!!