Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grayson Highlands State Park and Mount Rogers, VA

On Monday, Joon 21, we woz up at the crack of dawn and headed up hilly, windy country roads to Grayson Highlands State Park where mom sayed they has wild ponies and where we would be climing up to the top of the highest mountain in Furginia, Mount Rogers! Pawsome! This hike woz 10 miles long. On the way to the pawking lot, we passed a roadside overlook wot we stopped at:

We had to take the pikshur into the sunbeams so it did not turn out so good but here is a closer-up one:

So we parked the car and got to hiking and not far into the hike, OMD, there they be, THE PONIES!!!!! They live there and nom the grasses for the park so they be like free lawn mowahs.

Our eyes locked and the pony commed over to me. He told mom to keep at the udder end of the leash, he only wanted me, not mom. So mom stayed back and the pony commed closer.

We checked each udder out and he commed even closer:

The next thing you knows, we sniffed each udders noses and started SMOOCHING!

Then mom moved a step over to get a better shot, spooked the pony and he bolted. Dang, mom! We woz hasing such a wonnerful time smooching.

So we went on up the Wilburn Ridge trail wot woz lots of rawk climbing but at the top we had grate seenik views.

Is that some beeootiful mountains or wot? They woz as far as our eyes could see!

Then we hooked up with the Appalachian Trail. That trail shore is efurrywhere!

It woz all sunbeams there and very hawt so mom founded a little tree with a spot of shade and a nice view for us to take a brake and kewl off a little.

While we woz sitting there some peeples on rilly big horsies comed by. Those horsies woz skeered of me and stayed far away. I dunno why. Dussn't they know I gib horsies smooches?

Then we headed on towards Mount Rogers but first passed a shelter. This is where peeples wot hike the whole Appalachian Trail sleeps in coz it do be taking them 6 months to hike the whole thing and they has to sleep somewheres.

The shelter even has a litter box a bit up the way:

There woz a sign on the shelter wot sayed water woz out back and we woz needing more waters coz the sunbeams woz so hawt and maked us drink more than usual. The water do be a spring inside the fence. The fence is to keep the ponies out so the peeples can drink the waters but no worries, the waters trickled down the side of the mountain for the ponies so they can has some too.

I kewled myself off where the spring waters trickle down while a nice man wot woz there used hims pump and filter to put more waters into our bottles for us. It do be very nommy ice cold spring waters.

Finally we woz close to the top of Mount Rogers in the trees up there:

All of a sudden we wented into this mossy forest wot feeled like somebody turned the air condishuning on!

And here I is, at the summit of Mount Rogers, the highest mountain in Furginia, 5,729 feets up high! (The highest mountain in Noo Joisey be 1,803 feets up high.)

This be one of the medals wot marks the spot (there be four of them but we only seened one) wot the arrow points to above:

As we headed back down the mountain, we seened some adorabul baby ponies but they woz skeered of me and did not come close enuff to gib smooches. That be OK, they just yunguns wot not knows about us dogs yet.

And we founded anudder spot of shade for a brake and I rilly woz needing it!

So I got lots of Shawnee Cam shots, prolly coz there be so many sunbeams up there.

Whoa, that be a lot of Shawnee Cam shots!

There be NO LITTERS in Grayson Highlands State Park all the way to Mount Rogers. We shore hope that be coz there be no litter bugs, not coz the ponies nommed the litter - YIKES!


  1. What great hike and some gorgeous views. Very cool you got to snooter with the horse (we don't snooter the horses on the ranch here), but we were hoping for a Shawnee cam shot of the snootering.

  2. OMD mom is so jealous. She never gets to see the ponies when she goes there! There are so many great pictures we can't even pick our most favorite - so much beautiful scenery and the pictures with the ponies. I was at that park with mom and dad September 2008 but didn't see all you saw because mom and dad are too LAZY.

  3. You smooched a wild pony?! That is SO COOOOOOL!!!

  4. OMC - those are some gorgeous pictures again. Loved the ones of you and the horsies sniffing noses. Another great adventure. You sure do have them,

  5. Shawnee, you're just the coolest doggie ever! I love the wild ponies and the smooches. Yes, the mountains are very beautiful, and that Appalachian Trail doesn't know when to quit! Loved the Shawnee Cam pics too. It looks like there's one of you drinking water. I bet the spring waters felt good and the mossy forest too. It has been hot!

  6. Wow! You got that close to a horse? I've never gotten that close. Too bad you didn't get a good closeup of the kiss with your Shawnee Cam.

  7. Impressive makeout session with that pony Shawnee! Score! :)

  8. *SMOOCHIES* hot lips! so very cool that hike and so great you found new friend; that horsie!!!! purrs
    Love the pictures that you posted!

  9. Beautiful! Just beautifu!
    And you got to smooch a pony...*so envious*

  10. your hikes iz always to interesting to read about and the piktures are almost like being there. thanks for sharing all your funs with us shawnee!

  11. MOUNT ROGERS?!?! The Sir insists that we will have to go hike it, since clearly it MUST be named for him! (Heehee, I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise!)

    The AT is super-long, it even goes up past Roger's grandparents in NH, so we have hiked a little piece of it too!