Sunday, December 5, 2010

Belleplain State Forest, NJ

So today we ended up going to south Noo Joisey fur hiking.  That woz not the original plan.  We woz supposed to go to the bloo star in Pencilvania on the map below where there be waterfalls and fossil quarries.  But as you can see, the better opshun woz going south to the red star where it be cold but not as cold.
With the wind chills it be in the 20's.  Mom put on her winter layers and I put on my insulated no-huntin-me orange vest and udder than our noses and cheeks, we woz furry toasty.  Don't laff you Siberian huskies (I hear you laffing) - my unnercoat dussn't be a floofy as yours so my R-value do be much lower.
We is alreddy tired of nekkid, dead looking trees but we can always find lots of trees wot stays green all the time down south.
It woz a bummer that it be so cold, howefur, coz we went by THREE swimming holes!
Pickle Factory Pond
East Creek Pond
and the last one, well, I did sorta get to go in at the end.  You see, there woz 4 bridges in a row...
And I decided to skip the last one and walk through the muck instead.  I consider this a booty treatment fur my paws.
So at the end at Lake Nummy, mom made me go in and wash off my paws afore getting in the car.
It woz icy cold on my paws but our car woz on the udder side of the lake so mom had a towel she dried my paws off with and she held them in her hands to warm them up - it felt wonnerful!

Then on the way home we snagged a shot of this famuss city fur those of you wot is inclined to try your paw at games of chance...


  1. Do woo need me to send some of my SH R Value floooooof?

    Great hike!

    Furry nice paw beaWOOty treatment too!

    PeeEssWoo: Nice Wevver Girl Wheel Work too!

  2. You look very good in orange! I can't believe you dipped your paws in that water. You are a brave dog. I am shivering just thinking about it.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Your hike was still beautiful, even though the trees lost their leaves. We thought about hiking this weekend, but the snow made driving a little treacherous, so we stayed closer to home. Mom says she wished we'd tried to make it though, because the weather was perfect for it.

    My paws are cold just looking at your feet in that lake water! Brrrr!


    P.S. We really like your vest! Mom is wondering if Morgan might need something like that for a few of the really cold days we get.

  4. You are such a good weather girl Shawnee!! I think Lou should try your custom beauty treatment, so indulgent! I'll get her some nice muck for Christmas!

    Roger & Lou

  5. That was a grrrreat walkie fur you. I really like your No Huntin of ME coat. It keeps you SAFE and WARM at the same time. Cool Drool.

  6. Shawnee the Weather Girl is fantastic! I'd be much more inclined to watch the news if it was entirely run by dogs! Arwen did give a chuckle at the insulated vest, but I stopped her - Nyxie loves the cold, too, but those ears are forever catching the cold wind!

  7. I was thinking of you and your mom and wondering if you were going to go hiking this weekend. It was so cold! It still is!

    I love your wevver gurl picture! You're a natural!

    Your mom got some great pictures. I really like the ones of the trees and the water. The last picture is great!

    Hey, do you know if Lou received the book?

  8. Hehehehehe...I loves you as a weather girl!
    What a luverly hike...well except furs da mud. I not likes to get dirty cuz then it ends up in WATER!


  9. I can't believe your paws didn't freeze off!

    I have a week of giveaways going on at, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Brrrrr! I bet those waters were very, very cold! Have you seen any snow yet to hike in? I should have Mom mail you some of the snow we got. It's taller than me!

  11. Well done for your walkin my chum. You were brave in the cold and now yor paws is lookin bootiful.

  12. Its very very very cold here too! I mean, we're in Alabama, it's not supposed to be that cold! We even had snow flurries alabama! Skeeery!!!