Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping and Stuff

You has to unnerstand that my mom duss not go to stores fur shopping (udder than fur peeple noms) afore Chrissmuss.  She hates the traffic and crowds and stuffs.  But I had an idea and I begged mom to pawlese take me to Petsmart fur shopping on her lunch hour today and she did. Yay!
Look at all the cars and how far away we had to pawk!  Yikes!  But mom woz a good sport about it.  If'n you rememmer, we did a theme hike fur Thanksgiving at Turkey Hill Lake and Cranberry Hill but we could not come up with a theme hike fur Chrissmus.  No Lake Santa.  No Rudolph Mountain.  Going to the North Pole to hike is not happening altho it feels like the North Pole here.  So anyways, this be where my idea commed in but I is not disclosing it until Chrissmuss so you has to wate in suspenshun.

Anyways, while we woz there I told mom our Wellness noms woz on sale fur $5 off and she had a coupon for $5 off so even tho we did not needs any, she should get it anyways in case we get snowed in or something.  I say you can neffur has too many noms on hand.
There woz also a $2 off coupon fur treats and mom had a $10 off coupon fur Greenies (fur the Greenies coupon click on "Pet Care" on the left then scroll down fur the coupon).  I did save mom lots of green papers. 
The rest of mom's green papers we gibbed to the Petsmart laydee at the checkout:
 And the nice Petsmart laydee did gib me a cookie.  Nommy!
I has to go email her as soon as I get done here coz she do want to see my bloggie.

So then on the way home, mom decided that the hikemobile should has a baf since we woz passing rite by the car baf place and there woz no line coz efurrybuddy be at the Petsmart.  It woz way skeery.  Mom woz not tutching the gas pedal or nuttin and the hikemobile moved all by itself into the dark tunnel of doom...

Whew. We woz finally ejekshunned out of that skeery tunnel. There do be some mans wiping the winders on our car but they did leave my nose artwerk alone coz it do be on the inside by me.
So then we gotted home and I did show Dixie and Sydney my loot.  Mom snucked that toofpaste in there without my knowledges.
Dixie commed up on the bed by my loot and I did gib her a little snarly face unner my bref:
Mom heared it and gibbed me major snarly face back and a stern talking to and this be me after my attitood adjustment:
See Santa, I woz just kidding, BOL!  So we all shared the big giant cookie wot I had picked out pawsonally while we woz in line at the checkout.


  1. What a happy day, Shawnee! No snarlies at Sydney - not nice at all. Sneaky mom with that toothpaste, but more loots than other stuff! Can't wait 'til Christmas!

  2. Okays now while I reading dis my mum was giggling all da way through and really disturbin' me. I don't know why hers giggles reading your posts.
    Anywho...I am realived to knows da window guy left your art work cuz I hates it when mine gets cleaned up...all dat hard work furs nuttin!

    I likes what you picked out at petsmart and thanks fur da coupon tip too.


  3. What a fun day! I've never been to PetSmart, but I'm always happy when I see Mama come in with PeSmart bags. All kids of good things come from that store!

    I like the picture of the three of you smiling. Well, when I saw the cookie, I knew why you all were grinning.

    Mama is gonna go check out those coupon sites.

  4. Looks like you had a great time. I don't think I'd like the car wash thing. Too much scary spraying water. I don't get to go to PetSmart very often because I make faces at and say nasty things to the other big dogs who are there. And Mommy claims I "lose all my manners as well". Humph!

  5. Shawnee you are a super shopper and that is a fact. I had one of those 10 green paper greenie thingys too. I LOVE those thingys, don't you?
    Nice job of planning your day.

  6. Wow - you made out like bandits on dat shopping trip. Now it can snow and snow and snow some more.

  7. What would mom do without woo to help with the shopping!?!

    Great job!


  8. I agree with your mom--I can't go to any stores during the holiday season. So I think it was extra nice that she took you. I've never seen such a large bone cookie before.

  9. I don't know how your mom manages to shop without your assistance! You are an expert shopper!

    I am glad you decided to share that cookie. We wouldn't want you getting a tummy ache from eating too much!

    I'm very curious to see what your Christmas post is like now!


  10. I freaked out the first time we went in the dark tunnel of doom. Mamma didn't even think about my reaction until we were already locked in! It was all good in the end though cuz she told me it would be ok.


  11. Fabk you my pal, I show mum dis blog cos I say her is not juss me wot has nose artwerk gallery in the car.

  12. Pet store shopping is the bestest and I really loves those big cookies. They are peanut butters right? I always gets one for my BFF Diesel and ones for myself. We don't have to share cause we are both big.

    woof - Tucker

  13. Shawnee... Merry Christmas to you and your mom. I'll be watching for your Christmas post.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Merry Christmas Shawnee! Come and see my Christmas Eve posting.

    My favorite store is called Centinela Pet Feed. Mama took me there the day she adopted me. She bought me the bed I sleep in, lots of treats, food and lots of toys. THe ladies gave me treats there too. I was nervous though and had a little accident. They have concrete floors for just that reason. Mama was embarrassed, but the ladies were so nice. I love that store. They treat with chicken jerky! It's AMAZING

    Merry Christmas!

    Your Pal Opie

  15. Big cookie big eyes!! BOL! I don't like the washer place either, unless I'm in my car crate nice and safe!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Howlidays my pal!!! Looking forward to many, many more hikes in 2011!

  16. That is one BIG cookie you picked out! Very nice of you to share after your attitude adjustment, too. *snickers*