Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norvin Green State Forest, NJ

We only hiked 8.5 miles today.  I woz hasing some tummy ishoos (wouldn't eat breakfast, puked a few times, spit out my powah bones and did not want to drink water...) but that woz not enuff to keep me from hiking.  I woz acting fine udderwise and had my energies.  It woz also furry cold out and mom had gone to a howliday pawty last night.  I did not sniff any wine or whiskies on her (mebbe a little rum cake) but I did sniff Diet Coke and Mojo.  This be Mojo wot lives in the howse where the pawty woz:
As you can see, he be quite the pawty anipal! I had sented Mojo some howliday greetings on mom's pants and he sented some back fur me.  We duss has the most reliable message system, dussn't we?  So mom woz kinda tired from being up late at the pawty and we decided best to cut our hike a little short this time. 

But OMD, you is not going to beleef wot we seened on the way there!
I think the udder half woz in the woods and Santa must has called them back coz all of a sudden they all flew back the way they camed.

So on the hike we seened Lake Sonoma but it woz too cold to go swimming in it.

And there be some seeniks:

This next pikshure be kinda ugly coz it do show powah lines on top of the mountain but we had to go there fur mom to bag a peak - this do be the summit of Long Hill so mom can say we summited anudder Noo Joisey mountain ofur 1,000 feet high for the NJ1K club.  We has now bagged 17 peaks (summited 17 NJ mountains ofur 1K) since mom started keeping track in the club.

We seened some icy sickles:

And waterfalls wot woz starting to freeze:

There woz some places with snow in the mountains:

And I even crashed thru the ice into puddulls a few times:

 I think this poor little Chrismuss tree do be suffering from pee mail overload:

I did finally find some green.  Udder than this tree efurrything woz ded and nekkid.

And then at one of the seeniks there woz some more uglies - a quarry down below:
Pawmit me to biggify that fur you:

So that be about it.  Shame it woz such a cold, dreary day.  But we had naps and I is happy to repawt I chowed down my dinner, drank waters and there has been no more puking so my tummy do be all better again.


  1. Shawnee I am just amazed that you can walk for 8.5 MILES... That is a hooooge long way...
    and UP HILL
    Most of the way???? Wow. You are one very fit Dawg. Bravo!!
    My mom almost faints after 87 YARDS. heheheeehhe
    Sorry you were sickie there at furst.
    Now I had no idea that Santa Paws kept his reindeer close to your house. That is grrreat that you got to show them to us. Rudolph even.
    I want to wish you and all of your peeps a very much MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope that it is all filled up with FUR and Furends (who send messages on your mom's pants) and foods. I hope you get some fun stuffs from Santa Paws.

  2. Eight and a half miles doesn't sound too short to me! Especially if you were sick and it was bitter cold. I can't wait until the holidays are over and Morgan and I can get Mom and Dad back on the trails!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better!


  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Mojo is so cute in that hat!

    Love, Cupcake

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better! It's not fun to have tummy troubles. *hugs*

  5. You walked 8.5 miles with a tummy ache!!! How many miles do you walk when you are feeling good? When my tummy is upset, I am lucky if I walk across the room!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. I'm sighing with relief!

    Glad woo are feeling better!

    Mom had khritters with Santa's Reindeers' names today but they were all in a plastikh box with a wire door!


  7. Furst lemme say I is glad you is feelin' betters...can't believes you walked dat fars feelin blah! actually saw da reindeer! I am so thrilled you gots fotos of 'em. I mean you know,m otherwise nobuddy woulda haves believed you. Now you has proofs! I am so jealous.


  8. OMC - you Saw Santa's reindeers! I can't beleive it. What an exciting hike you had.

  9. OMD you are one pawsomely strong & athletic pup to go 8.5 miles with a tummy ache & not feeling good. You looked kinda cold too. Do you have a jacket? Glad you felt better after the hike. Great pics of reindeers & scenery you saw.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  10. That is a most amazing walk you took! And you got to see some pretty magical sights too. Do you get to be a member of the NJ1K club? I bet you climbed all those mountains with your Mom.

  11. Did you put in a good word for yourself with the rain-deers? I think they're pretty tight with Santa.

    Hope you feel better! There's too many good holiday noms coming up!!

  12. Sounds like you just needed some fresh airs to make you belly better.

    woof - Tucker

  13. Wow, Shawnee - that Mojo is a looker! Glad to hear you are feeling better. There was some tummy ickies at our house, too but they are also resolved. The carpets couldn't take much more!

  14. Another great post, Shawnee. I get my exercise reading about your hikes, so keep 'em coming...

    Glad your tummy is better.

    Pawhugs, Max

  15. First, I'm glad to hear your tummy is better, Shawnee.

    I'm like Max. I get my exercise via reading about your adventures.

    Mama was in NJ for three days and gave you a shout-out (Jersey City and Hoboken).

    Mojo is quite cute.

    Yes, it's been cold, especially the last few days!

  16. It sure do lok chilly in your nayborrhood my pal. I ope you was kept warm by your coat and was able to get ome to a nice fire. I fink it be only a couppla munfs til fings be back to life agane.