Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Blizzard

I has not heared the offishull werd on how much snow we gotted yet and my measurements mite mot be accurate coz it be furry windy and snow be blowing all ofur the place.  I did see that in Elizabeth, NJ wot not be far from us at all they gotted 31 inches.  Yikes!

You knows, it woz kinda fun last nite while it woz snowing.  Mom shubbulled the deck twice so we could go out in the yard.  Dixie and I had a kewl game of bitey face in the snow.  But then this morning - Oh. My. Dog.  Wot happened to my bafroom???

Wot happened to Dixie's bafroom?

Sydney did not even try to make it to her bafroom - she just frozed on the deck and would not move.

Comin' thru...

 Let us in now while you shubbull, mom!

This be a little better.  At least we can stand on our deck and look at our bafrooms.


  1. And <200 miles away, I've got grass grass and more grass

    Please enjoy some bitey face and snow bunny stuffs fur ME!


  2. Aaaaaaaaack...OMD, you gots to be kiddin me! Well, I mean you gots piktures to prove it but dang dat is just crazy!!!!!
    How does you go to da baffroom? Dat is just not fur doxies dats fur sures.
    We has been watching da news so we can keeps up withs everybuddy.

    Poor Khyra!


  3. Ya'll are brave pups! We are mesmerized by our mere 2 inches!

    The Heartbeats

  4. Wow!! I'm so jealous! Until I realize the whole bathroom part...that's not cool. But I'm sure it's worth it!

    Poor Sydney! She needs stilts! :)

  5. I think you you have more snow than us, but we're having quite the storm too and it's still going. It's hard to tell because the wind is blowing so hard.

    You poor girls. I'm so glad I have a litterbox!

  6. Oh buddy! Dat's terrible dat you can't go to bathroom. I'll run my litter box over to you. 30" we can't even imagine, and we live in WI where we do get lots of snow.

  7. OMC we hadda storm too! Iz glad mai bafroom iz in da basement cuz I wud haz lots of snowballs in mai britches if I hadda go owt in dat stuff. You iz so brave Shawnee, maybe if I rode on your back I cud go in dat snows?

  8. Looks like you gotjust a little more than me!!! I have no problem pottying in the snow, or wherever... but Bethany had to do hr potties under the tree today hehe

  9. Yikes! That is A LOT of snow! Shawnee, maybe you'd better have your mom run out and get one of those Potty Patches for you! Stay warm and safe.


  10. That looks perfect to us! Still can't believe the hu-dad took us to the beach to get away from the snow.

  11. 31 inches!!! I am 12 inches on a good day!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. We are sure that by now your humans are wishing there was a lot less of that beautiful white stuff on the ground. We sure wish you could ship some to us - we still have none.

    Enjoy - it looks great to us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Now I can totally understand. It was like that fur me last Jan. & Feb.. I couldn't get to any of my favorite potty places. I even had to use the same areas over and over. YUCK.
    I'm sorry that this had to happen to YOUR Yard.

  14. Mommy laughed and laughed at your movies! I do not find them funny. How would she like it if she couldn't get to her bathroom because of the snow?

  15. HOLY COW! You look like ME out there in the snow! That's just how I looked at Grandma's house on Christmas...only Mom's ruler said "8" on it and NOT "19"!!!

    I'm glad I live in Illinois now. I'd be lost forever in that much snow!

  16. OMD! That snowins wud ave been over my head and there would have been tunnels out to my bafroom. I ope you are all keepin safe and warms my chums. I gib you permisshun for no hikin for a bit

  17. Ok, the shoveling, I don't envy. But you have lovely snow!! And it looks the fun powdery kind!!

  18. Great post buddy! We're in Elizabeth and the snow was as deep as Prudence is tall! She sends you a big barrooo!
    Theresa & Prudence
    aka @tildatoo

  19. Your snow was definitely deeper than mine.