Friday, December 17, 2010

The Hikemobile

This morning we had a prawblem with the hikemobile. It needed defibrulashun. That is a new werd wot I learned today and it do mean "A medical tekneek delivering elektrikal currents used to counter the onset of vehicular fibrulashun wot is when the car do make click, click, click, click sounds and will not start in the cold winter."
Anyone unner there?  CLEAR!
That did the trick.  We bringed the hikemobile back to life so mom could run her ofur to Mr. Bob the Hikemobile Guy fur fixin.  We knowed the hikemobile be needing a battery transplantashun coz it did still has the original battery wot now be 9 years old and they is not supposed to last that long.

Later in the day Mr. Bob called to say he did successfully pawform the battery transplantashun and we be good to go.  But my job woz not done yet.  Oh no, my presence do be needed to escort mom ofur to pick up the hikemobile.  It do only be 1 mile from our howse so we walked.
A stoopid woman on her cell phone almost runned ofur us when she turned right in front of us into a gas stashun with no turn signal or nuttin so we did not know she was turning.  As pawdestrians we would has had rights of way regardless but she woz yakkin on her phone and not paying attenshuns.  Mom sayed noggty werds unner her bref and we both gibbed her the stink eye.

I did walk rite by the Hot Dog House but after our near death eggsperience I did not find it as appealing as I would has udderwise.
Then I woz wonnering if'n Minna Krebs and Frankie Furter had been here...
If'n you cannot see it clearly, that do be Snoopy on his howse on the left and a snowman (inside a Micky Mouse head?) on the rite.

Finally we commed to Mr. Bob's place:
After Mr. Bob commed around the counter and let me sit on hims lap and gibbed me skritches, I went and inspected the hikemobile.  Mr. Bob RILLY likes dogs, that is why we take our hikemobile to him. And he duss do a fine fixin job. I found efurrything to be in good order.
Now the hikemobile do be all well again after the operashun and is back home ready fur hiking this weekend!


  1. BOL Shawnee!!! I loves that furst foto of you getting ready to jumpstart da Hikemobile!!

    And that Giant Christmas Snoopy is too cool......butt I have to admit a Snowman inside a Mickey Mouse Head is kinda bizarre! Heehehehehee

    Have a good weekend.....I'm glad your Hikemobile is back in good order and just needed a battery transplantation......those are not too expensive.


  2. I'm so glad your hikemobile isn't sick anymore. If I see that lady driving and talking on the cell phone, I'm going to put the bitey on her. I'm glad you and your Mom are alright.

    Love, Cupcake

  3. Bwhahahahaha...oh girl, thanks fur teachin' me a new word today. Gosh, I feels smarter alreadies!
    Poor Hikemobile. I glad it alive and doin' betters now.

    Oh and don't touch or eat them hot dogs Shawnee...dats gross! I is a doxie ya knows and well...I has issues withs dat food callin itself a hot dog...hehehe!


  4. Oh Shawnee... I know all about that battery transplantation stuffs. My Jennifer Jeep just had one of those. OUCH Losts of green papers... butt worth it in the end.
    I really like that Mouse/snowman house thingy that you put up fur Minna Krebs and Me. I think that is ONE snowman that won't be able to escape and end up at MY house. Whew.
    I am glad that you let the Car Vet have some scratching time with you. Most generous of you... at this time of year.

  5. Good thing your humans didn't expect you to pull it like a sled!!

  6. Those battery transplantations aret tricky operations, I hear! I know a Shepherd is always up to the job, though. You must have been on high alert, with all those things to protect your mom from! I liked the pictures of your walk. Most important, I am glad to see that you got the hikemobile all fixed!


  7. Mama gets mad when drivers show lack of respect to pedestrians, especially it they're on their cell phones. I'm glad you guys were OK.

    Mr. Bob sounds like a great guy. Our car had a nail in its tire just last week and our fix-it place is about just one mile away too.

    I'm glad you have your hikemobile back. I'm expecting a hiking report tomorrow.

  8. So, did woo take out to go




  9. You are so lucky to have Mr. Bob - it is hard to find a good mechanic these days. So happy to hear the hikemobile is back up and running - any great adventures planned for this weekend?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. OMD. I'm so glad the hikemobile is OK! It would have been baaad if you'd missed hiking 'cause of the transplantation. Whew!

  11. Whew, I sure an happy your hikemobile came through surgery a-ok. Batter transplantation can be serious.

  12. Thanks for the tour of the hikemobile adventure. Glad to know that it's all recovered from the operation and in good order for the weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. That hikemobile is super cool! I am glad Mr. Bob was able to fix it up for you.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I would be careful about showing that giant Snoopy to Minna. Her mom may fly all the way up from Texas and take that home. If the hikemobile happened to get in her way who knows what would happen!

  14. Oh I am so sorry the crazy lady almost hit you and ruined you hot dog sniffing. ONce I was sittin' in the car when Momma & Dad went to gets me my subway sandwich. When they came out Momma almost got runs over by a big van ! the lady rolled down her window and said "sorry - is that your dog? I was looking at him and wasn't watching where I was goin." And for some reason Momma says that she almost gots runs over cause of me?

    woof - Tucker

  15. I am so happy that there was a donor battery all ready for transportation! Mom and dad gave each other 4 new tires, a 100,000 mile check-up and replaced wheel bearings for Christmas. They couldn't put them under the tree. And here is something really amazing - I have snow in my yard in Furrginia and you have none in Noo Jersey!

  16. OMD, thank goodnes Mr Bob did save your hikemobile. We was so worried I ask dad if he could get you a new one fur christmas so we dissnt miss out on your hikin stories

  17. Glad the hikemobile is back up and running again! Near deathe experiences are so scary - I understand the naughty words...

  18. Hi Shawnee!

    Well, I do feel for your mom at having to replace her car's battery...

    Must be "catchy" because mine died the day before yours and it had to be towed to the shop where it got fixed! Meantime, I had to call Howie from Rahway Taxi to pick me up & get me to work and then later to Butch's to pick up my car! Oh, the pain! ($$$)