Thursday, December 30, 2010

The V-E-T

I woz supposed to go to the V-E-T on last Monday but I woz saved by the big snow blizzards.  But it only postponed the inevitabull - mom rescheduled fur today.  Boo.
But I did live to tell you about my eggsperience...
Skritches.... Ahhhhhh.....
Hey! Wot you doing back there?
Is my "puttin' the bitey on" ekwipment in werking order?
Then, just as I woz hasing a good time, out commed the NEEDLES!  Yup.  Mom could not take pikshures coz she woz bizzy HOLDING ME IN A DEATH GRIP HEADLOCK so I did not runned away while the V-E-T stoled blood from my leg and then gibbed me the rabies needle in the booty - OWIE!  Mom sayed it do be necessary coz my old rabies do be eggspiring next week and we do need that fur hiking and so I can get my license renewed and be all legal and stuffs.  And the bloods wot the V-E-T stoled has to be tested fur the Lyme cooties wot I had gotted earlier this year so we dussn't know about that yet.  I just has to has blood stolened efurry 6 months now to keep checking how many cooties there be.  Udder than that, the V-E-T did say efurrything looks good and she loves how I do keep my gurlish figure at my age.  At least this do be the last time I has to go to the V-E-T this year!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry that you had to end the year at the vet's office. That's just not right, but I think your mom takes you there because she loves you and wants to keep you healthy and stuff!

    Morgan is in the doghouse here. She broke the kitchen window last night. Oooooo! She isn't hurt, but Mom says it's tempting to take her to the vet's office anyway!


  2. Uh oh...Dr. Vet! At least everything is okay...they didn't put the thermometer in the "you know where" hidey spot did they? That's my least favorite part! Scare-eee!

  3. Ugh, the V-E-T! I'm glad everything's ok. You're so lucky you have such a good figure, Shawnee. Well, you do work hard for it, and I, well, I do nothing for mine and it shows. I hope is well with the Lyme cooties.

    We enjoyed the pics!

  4. Oh Shawnee that is just not right. Stealing your blud and all. Did you pee on the floor. I would have. It serves those VET thingys right.
    I really like your thought on the subject... Last trip fur the Year!!! Way to go girrrl.
    Those lyme cooties DO need to be... monitored. I'm just sayin.

  5. Have a happy new year my puppy pal, I hope 2011 won't have many vet visits for you!

  6. Well the VEt is yucky and stealing your blood is yuckier. Maybe they are cloning you... did you think of that?

    woof - Tucker

    Pee S - the vet doesn't give me pawdicures, i get them at home wif a dremel tool every 2 weeks. Then I gets a bath too. Momma is just always making sure they are short. Something about me hitting things (like her) and making scratchies if they are too long.

    woof - Tucker

  7. Too bad the snow didn't slow the vet trip even longer. Phantom is due for his annual visit soon too - the Momster needs to get it scheduled.

    We hope that Lyme disease is all gone - we can't have that affecting you - we love your hiking adventures.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Woo were such a brave girrrrrrl!

    Paws khrossed the fruits be gone from your bloods!


  9. You looked way braver than me. I think I have recovered enough for mom to post the pictures of my V-E-T visit soon.

  10. Ruh Roh! I feel your pain ...I will be headed to the vet to get my teeth cleaned in a few weeks. Not looking forward to it ...

    Your pal, Pip

  11. What a crappy way to end da year girlfuriend! Can't believes all dat snow didn't slow da office down (around heres an inch creates havoc fur our town). thinks they is vampires maybe?
    I didn't knows you had lyme disease!!!!! Wows!


  12. You have my sympathy for going to VET. he he - I don't much like it there either. We are happy you got a good report. now you should be good for another year, so celebrate that.

  13. I don't get smooches like that from my vet here. Maybe you need to repossess me now so I can see Dr. F again...but only if I can bring my toys and princess tent with me...

  14. They always pretend to be your friend and then they stick you with a needle.