Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Hike

So today fur Chrissmuss we went hiking.  Mom has no fambly here (and wot is left is not much and scattered all around the werld) and the boy duss his own thing so it be the pawfect hiking day fur us and we can has the whole park to ourselves.  We left in the dark, prolly shortly after Santa woz pulling out...
And gotted to see the sun come up...
We woz going to Harriman State Park in Noo York wot be a rilly big park where there be no hunting nefur efur so I did not has to wear my no-huntin-me-vest.  That be furry impawtant coz the orange would has clashed with my surprise wot I buyed at Petsmart the udder day.  I shall keep you in suspenshun no longer.  TA DA!
I commed to spread howliday cheer in the woods fur the wildlifes.  As I hiked you could hear me jingle, jingle, jingle...  The wildlifes LOVED it!  Where the skwerrels and deers usually run from me as fast as they can, today they stopped, looked at me and sayed "Thank you Shawnee fur bringing us some howliday cheer!"  Then they runned away.  Hawks even circled ofurhead.  It woz furry cool.  There be some udder festive happenings in the woods, too.
It do be a white Chrissmuss in the woods.
I did some ice skating.
I maded festive icy sickulls to hang from my belleh.
How did I make icy sickulls to hang from my belleh, you ask?  Well, we had to carefully cross ofur this water wot woz running unner frozened ice:

And the ice broked and I falled in, BOL!  I did not get all wet, just my legs and my belleh, hence the icy sickulls.  But a festive tutch, no?

Then I tolded mom to hurry up and come atop Panther Mountain and come see this seenik way up here...
New York City Skyline on Christmas Day
I bet it taked Santa a long time to get through Noo York City last nite!

So we hiked 9.25 miles today.  Some of yous woz asking last time how far we usually hike since I had writed we only hiked 8.5 miles the last time.  We try to hike 10-12 miles each time coz it do be a long drive to get to hikes from our howse.  But it do be hard to hike that far in the winter coz we cannot stop long fur breaks.  We would be frozened to the ground, I think.
Good thing we got our hike in today coz tomorrow would has been too late.  A blizzard is a comin'! 
Hope you all had a wonnerful Chrissmas and spreaded lots of howliday cheer!


  1. it sounds like you had a fun Christmas day. And we're glad you did it today before the blizzard arrives.

  2. That was GREAT!

    I went fur two 'hikes' through the wilds of the neighbourhood -

    We loved the video - it was furry khool -

    And the pikhs of The Emerald City too!

    'They' say we are supposed to get some white stuff starting Sunday afternoon - we'll see!

    Happy HOWLidays to all of WOO!


  3. What a wonderful Christmas you and your mom had! I love your holiday bandanna!

    The New York skyline looks so pretty. What a gorgeous view! Yikes about the icicles on your belleh!

    Mama and Papa saw a reenactment of George Washington crossing the Delaware River. Washington's Crossing at the Delaware River is only about a 10-minute drive from our house. They said it was amazing. I would've hated it. There were loud canons and it was very cold. There quite a few doggies there.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I luv your belleh icy sickuls Shawnee, an that last pikshure of you shud be frameded buz its bewtiful just like yew! Meowy Chrismouse! xoxox

  5. Shawnee, that was awfully cool! I wish Mom and Dad had taken us hiking today, but they had to go see a bunch of family. We did get stuff in our stockings from Santa, though, and it was nice to have them home for a little bit this morning. I think your day sounds a lot more interesting, though. My paws are crossed that we're going to get to go and see the frozen waterfall soon! We love your holiday bandanna, too! Morgan has a real sleigh bell that she wears when we go out and it sounds so pretty, all the animals want to come see us, too!


  6. Whoa buddy - it's a good thing you got out for the hike today with a blizzard coming tomorrow. Wouldn't want you to get lost in all dat snow. Merry Christmas.

  7. Such a bootiful hikes u did hab. I lubbed ur bandanner beary festive.

    I iz sawry tho dat human2 did go to da hospital insted of sendin u ur brand new ShawneeCam fur Xmas. I will be goin in da mails dis week promise. (sides it would hab clashed wif ur loverly bandanner anywho).

    I glads u not hikin in dat blizzards 2mro. stays home safe & sounds.

  8. Love those pictures with the NYC skyline in the background. We have family in NJ near the George Washington Bridge so we have seen these views, too.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: You look great in red.

  9. What a sweet little Christmas tradition! And how nice of you to take some Christmas to the wildlife! :)

  10. Ho, Ho, Ho! :)

    Found you through our Christmas Blog Hop :). We are your new followers.

    Nice pics, here in Germany we have a snowy and veeery cold winter :). Wish you a wonderful christmas time :)!

  11. Thank you, Thank you for the wonderful tour of your hike. I don't hike, so I do love coming over here to live vicariously through you... What a beautiful sunrise... and I loved the icy sickulls...

    Have a great day. pawhugs, Max

  12. Thank you so much for those wonderful Christmas pictures. You get to see such great views. Thanks for sharing. You look so beautiful!

    Love, Cupcake

  13. Oh Shawnee that is truly a festive bandanna with the jingle bell and all. I am sure the wildlife will remember your visit fur ever. That is sooooo thoughtful of you.
    I would not like the icy sickles much though.
    Yappy New EARS to you.

  14. That looked like a fun hike, and you are very festive looking in that bandanna!

  15. We love hiking in the blizzards too! Ok, well the hu-dad said the day after.

  16. Look at you spreadin cheers everywhere! You should be an honorary reindeer for Santa next year. I mean, you have the scarf and everything! I'm writing my letter to the big guy right now!

  17. That was so nice of you to spread the holiday cheer to the wildlifes! Glad you got your hike in before the blizzard, too.

  18. I am bettin you is glad you gotted in that hike fater all the now did come. I dont suppose we gonna be seein much hikin for a couppla weeks. And how nice of you to be takin crispmuss into the woods. I bet they dont usually get it there so you dun a good thing. Woof

  19. Shawnee!! You look fabulous! I bought my Arwen the same collar and Nyxie got the "Santa's favorite elf" one, because she's more of an elf...Merry Christmas!