Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, NY

We did has to go hiking today on Saturday coz tomorrow do be a nasty rainy day. So we has had this park tucked away fur just such an occashun - when we need a no hunting park on a hunting day. Turns out they changed the rools and there do be hunting now but not on Saturdays so we be good. The furst thing we seened in the pawking lot woz this weird turkey:

Funny. He don't smell like a turkey. Mebbe coz a dog left pee mail here.

You mite has noticed snow on the ground. We did not has any by our howse but when we checked the wevver last nite, it sayed it woz snowing at the park wot we woz going to:

So it woz a little nippy on my paws with the snows and ice but I did not has to wear my insulashun vest coz it do be warming up soonly.

First we commed to an overlook.

Then we went huntin' fur the Leatherman's cave wot is unnerneath the overlook. Not David Letterman's cave, the Leatherman's cave. He be an old geezer wot lived in the 1800's and wore a 60 pound suit all made out of leather all year long. He stayed in caves in the night times. Here do be his story if'n you want to read it - it do be furry interesting.

This be a pikshure of the Leatherman:

Aha, I think I founded it!

This cave duss get the Shawnee Hidey Spot Seal of Approval - furry comfy.

Duss you know who woz here? Martha Stewart. See, she did writed about it here on her bloggie. And I sniffed her on the trail.

So then we commed to Spy Rock where the British troops woz spied on during the Revolushun:

Then the Indian Rock Shelter wot duss not git my Shawnee Hidey Spot Seal of Approval coz, well, there be no hidey spot. Those Indians would has been better off ofur at the Leatherman's place.

This be Dancing Rock where the farmers danced to get warm in the olden days. I is envishunning farmers dancing around in my brain - skeery. You knows, a little hike would has warmed them up just fine and they would not has looked so silly and skeery.

And this be Raven's Rock coz there used to be ravens nesties unnerneath here.

I duss not recommend sitting on that bench coz mom did and almost ended up down there with the ravens. The bench do be brokened and falls ofur when you sit on it.

At one point mom woz futzing with the map and I had no choice but to take a rest while I woz waiting furever and ever and ever...

Then we commed to the last highlight of the hike - the Bear Rock Petroglyph. The Indians is supposed to has carved a bear in the big rock ofur 200 years ago. Can you see it?

I akshually see 2 bears, a deer, a bunny, a mouse and a witch on a broom. Fur real, compare it to the pikshure above and tell me you dussn't see it too.


  1. Sigh - you are off on an outdoor adeventure and we is in the middle of a blizzard. You are famous now cuz you followed in Martha Stewart's foot steps. he he

  2. Yes, another great hiking adventure for you, Shawnee. We like not only that you tell us where you went, but we learn a lot of stuffs too. We aren't so sure about that turkey - he looks very odd to us. And that big rock, good picture finds - the teacher would give you an A+:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. OK, you are standing on those ledges again! Makes old Mr. Pip a little nervous! And that CAVE - I was thinking you might wake up some sleeping bears! You are one brave doggie!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. So did Martha leave some pee mail on that turkey? Heck I thought SHE was a turkey or some sort of J>bird. hehehe
    Now see, just look at this post. This is the reason you are Perfect fur being Sec. of PARKS and Recreation!!! Beautiful and also you Inform us. Love it!!!!

  5. Oh, wow. There were sure a lot of "rock" places on your hike today! Glad you had a nice day for hiking today. It was rainy all day here. Melted our snows. Now it made ice!

  6. I wish we could have been there with you, Shawnee, instead of visiting fake Santa in the rain!

    We love places that have a lot of history and learning more about them. I can't wait until we can start going back to some cool places like that. I wish you still had the Shawnee cam and could have taken a picture of your mom falling off that bench!


  7. Great great hike!

    Yes, it will be wet wet wet on Sunday - started raining here by 8 or so -

    I love the bear rokhk and the khreatures woo saw on it!

    PeeEssWoo: BTW, I keep furgetting to mention: GREAT DISKLAIMER!

  8. Hee Heee... I see all of them. Good observation skills. Thanks for the hike, pal. You do the best job of narrating them.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. That looks like it wuz a good hike Shawnee, I did read abowt teh Leatherman an him sownds lonely an sad but that sooot he wore iz skardy too. Iz glad you checked owt hims howse when he wuz not home.

  10. Shawnee you are the best hike leader & tour guide. We love going with you!! That leatherman story was interesting & the other tidbits of info on the hike!!!!
    Great job as usual!

  11. We're laughing because old Leatherman really lives up to his name as evidenced in his picture. You are the expert in hidey spots, so that must be a really good one. We read his story. It's a little sad but very interesting.

    I saw the bear on the rock but thanks for providing the other illustrations. That's funny about those dancing farmers.

  12. You always take us on the greatest hikes and we expect great views, but we did a doubletake when we opened the post and saw that turkey. For just a second, we thought it was real.

  13. Ok, first off that is the creepiest turkey i've ever seen. And wheres to you put the stuffing?

    Secondly Martha Stewart has a summer home by my hiking trails and Although I haven't met her hiking with her french bulldoggies she does hike the same trails as me.

    woof - Tucker

  14. hahah pee mail....That's a new one for us for sure! Hope you don't mind if we steal that phrase to use at our own opportune moments ;) Always love your clever posts, and the cartoons at the end are great!

    Happy Holidays pup and family,
    Carrie and Ben

  15. Gosh Shawnee you has da bestest hikes evers!
    Hehehehe...your mom reads maps? Bwhahahahaha...ain't dat likes readin manuals and instruction books? Don't happen heres.
    Glad your mom didn't end ups withs da ravens.

    pees; looooves your disclaimer

  16. What a wonderful place to hike! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  17. You am very brave goin in them caves. They look dark and scary to me. We dussnt allow them in Engerlund