Monday, August 31, 2009

My Woodstock #Pawpawty Memwours

August 28/29 was the Woodstock #pawpawty. If you is not on Twitter and does not noes wot a #pawpawty is, it is a monthly online pawty to raise money for animal charities. There is a dress code (you can dress up your avatar for the theme of the pawty), there is barktenders, DJs, foods, quiz masters for the kontests to win pawsome pwizes and a sekurity force to keeps spammers away. I is on the sekurity team and yes, sometimes those evil spammers crash our pawties and I has to put the bitey on them. You can pays a voluntary cover charge which is a donation to the charity for which money is being raised. Here is Romeo the Cat's essplanashun of this month's #pawpawty. And it is Frugal Dougal wot is the master of ceremonies and started the #pawpawties. We has even had a story writed about the pawties by People Pets! So we all had lots of laffs and good times and I wanted to share some wild and crazee pawty anipal moments wif you.

Here I is in my sekurity uniform.

And I is also the seamstress, um I means sergeant, on the sekurity force so I does all of the uniforms/badges.

Row1: @Snick_the_Dog, @BloodhoundNDots, @MorrisCat
Row 2: @TreeHuggingPets, @BrutustheDane, @MizCleo (ninja strike force leader)

Click here to read the complete sekurity report, a grate job by sekurity dokumentashun officer @lexiloudog!

Some anipals was hasing troubles with their costumes so I helpeded them out. Here is their before and after avatars.


@SwtGeorgiaBrwn wif her crasher skwerrel, Marvin:

@5_cats_4_dogs (they hads to come in their own hippie bus):


@wildboutbirds who camed in second place in the best avatar votings:

Our good fwend @GeorgetheDuck wonned furst place - conquackulashuns to him!

@Emmythecat always makes a beeootiful paws wall of all of the pawtiers after they has changed into their kostooms. They was all so funnee and we had the bestest time kommenting on each udder's groovy threads.

Coz @wildboutbirds had his arm stuck up in the air the whole times, he spent the entire pawty directing kittehs to the litter boxes:

@AylaLab was wonnering what the dawgs is supposed to does about potty so I direkted her to @SylvieDogs blog about this: (is part of my job as sekurity officer to bees helpful)

And of course, there was those wot could not hold their nip and passed out during the pawty.
@AylaLab, @RockumSockum, @MugsyDog, @LouPeb, @BorisKitty

@Dunkin_the_Cat gotted stucked in the rafters and hads to be reskood by @MizCleo wif her ninja reskoo skills:

@SwtGeorgiaBrwn's crasher skwerrel Marvin was caught wif some hooman hippies:

By the end of the pawty, everyone was seeing doubles:

So if you was there, a little trip down memory lane. If you was not there, it was a groovy, far out, happening scene, man! Join us for the next #pawpawty sometime in September. Keep an eye on @frugaldoogal's blog for details. If you is new and is not shore wot to do at a #pawpawty, just gives a shoutout for sekurity - we is there to halp you! Peace out brother and stay hip.


  1. Meowee! I loved the recap of the pawty!! It looked like it was really groovy. You did great work on all those avatars too.

  2. Grrrrrreat post, Shawnee!!! I just love your sekurity uniform! And how sweet of you helping other anipals with pawpawty costumes!!! (do mine next pawpawty. please?) that pootrap still makes me shudder...*shudders* BOL at Honeybell! Miz Cleo a.k.a Ninja strike force leader rocks!!!

  3. Great recap, Shawnee! So much fun everyone had. Me and @PimpTheCat could only stop in for about an hour -- but it was a blast.

    Great job on the sekurity and uniforms, too! Such an important part of these pawpawties. :)

  4. PawPawty wuz pawsum dis month. It wuz first time I did dresseded up. We hads loads of funs n kittehs n puppehs did winned pwizes (I did too -- i no can wait to get ma cookie fairy cookies)!

    U did a wunnerful job on da avatars. I excited for next pawpawty (az long az ma tummy doz not get painted on at next pawty)!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the details on the pawpawty. It sounds like you did a great job on sekurity, and you were so good to help all the anipals with their avatars. You are very talented.

    Again, great post! I love the poo trap, hee hee.

  6. That looks awesome! I don't know about the poop catcher though..I think it might give me a complex!! Trippy!

  7. Shawnee - Yall did a great job and there was some very fun stuff! It was just one of those days lots of little stuff went wrong for me. It's ok I did have fun too. Nasty when not my days happen during parties, but nothing to do about it. No worries, my friend. *ducky hugs*

  8. Fabulous recap, Shawnee! Thanks for all you & the security team do to keep the anipals & spammers in check during #pawpawty!

  9. Heh heh heh great post mai pal love the before & after photos they look so cool. Thanks to you and all the Sekurity Team my pal.