Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sussex Branch Trail/Allamuchy Mountain State Park

Today's hike was the Sussex Branch Trail through the Allamuchy Mountain State Park and the Iron Mine Trail, the yellow parts on the map. We hiked almost 13 miles today!

We got started early. Mom was akshually out of bed by 6:30 am and we was on the trail before 8 am. That meant we got this really cool pic of Jefferson Lake with fogs hanging over the waters. Creepy!

Another good thing bout being early is no other peeples has been there yet and we sees the deer! We got this one just as he seen us and figured he had better gets a moves on it:

We saw a mommy deer with two little baby deers (it was so cute I could not stands it!) but mom could not get the camera fast enough to get their pic.

The we got to Cranberry Lake:

I dunno why they calls it Cranberry Lake coz we dinnot sees no cwanberries, we saw wild wazzberries. Should has been Wazzberry Lake, no?

Then we had to go through an old railroad tunnel that the trains used to go choo choo through long times ago. On top of the tunnel it say "1911." Inside the tunnel was kinda creepy too.

Then we did the Iron Mine trail which was very hard, well for mom it was, not me. There was big uphills and I always had to wait on mom. Thank goodness I did not needs to call 911 for halp. I dunnot noes CPR.

And of course, we founds lots of places for me to get my furs wet:


  1. The creek looks so refreshing! No wonder you jumped right in. Thanks for taking us along on your hike. It was fun.

  2. I love water! Did you drink it or bite it? Your hike looks great! Woof..-your pal Cleo

  3. I just love when you blog about your hike :o) Great pics! thanks so much! *woof woof*

  4. i agree should be waspberry lake! U look like u had fun in da waters! I hopes u no get ticks from dem deerz. My cousin dawg PC haz lyme 'zease from dem bad bugs! I no wants u to haz dat. No sirs!