Friday, December 18, 2009

Cheesequake State Park (Old Bridge, NJ)

Mom hadded a vakashun day from werks today so we hiked in Cheesequake State Park. It is only 15 miles from our house and it is a no hunting park so we could goes there on a Friday. They does not has lots of trails but we did the green, bloo, yelloh and an unmarked trail and managed to get 6.75 miles in. Oh, and there is no cheese in this park. (bummer)

It woz either go hiking today or not at all coz big, big blizzard snow storms heading our way tomorrow! We is where the red star is.

So looks like we is getting 6-12 inches, which is totally funs in the yard, but too much snow to drive on slickery roads for hikings.

It woz cold today (in the 20's) so I did not go in the waters for swimmings. The waters was freezing into ice.

But we hiked some pritty trails with lots of diffrent things to see and sniff.

Then look wot I sawed - a skwerrel! I is not allowed to chase them while on hikes (in my yard they is fair game altho I has yet to akshually catch one) so I thunked this might be a good time to write Santa Paws.

Dear Santa Paws,

Hi Santa Paws. This is Shawnee here. I would like to has a real skwerrel for Chrissmuss pritty please. I promiss I has been a rilly, rilly good gurl.


Ok, so mom says coz the snow is not supposed to be comin till about noon tomorrow, she is going to git up early and take Dixie and Sydney to Cheesequake Park coz the trails is short, it is close by the house, and they can has a little hiking. Hey, wate a minnit, you is not leaving me at home, is you, mom? Puhleeeeeese take me wif you. Puhleeeeeeeeese???!?!?!?!


  1. I think you really deserve that skwerrel. I hope Santa Paws brings one to you. I am impressed that your mom hikes in the cold weather. Mama took a walk yesterday and was complainin how her face felt so cold like it was numb. Today was even colder. That looks like a good hike. I'm so excited about the snow tomorrow!

    Oh, thank for posting about the books. That sounds like a good site. Mama wishes she knew about it before she donated boxes and boxes of books to the library.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. No cheese? That's false advertising!!

    Mom saw that you "yankee" dogs are supposed to get lots and lots and lots of the white stuff! I'm a little jealous! But if it snows that much here, we lose power. Which is bad! :(

    And you didn't go after that squirrel?? Wowzer! Mom loves your ears in the pic though...ready to pounce in case that squirrel makes a wrong move!

  3. Ours has JUST started!!!

    I'm napping now so I khan be ready fur a snowy Saturday!

    Mom says years ago, she used to test materials that got sent to a 'Quigley' plant in Old Bridge!

    I hope woo have fun this weekend!


  4. O.O Squirrel!!!
    I heard they were evil, eviiiiiil.
    but he doesn't look so evil...
    hope you get your wish Shawnee. I know you've been a really really good girl *wink*

    I want snow....*woof*

  5. I can tell you how to get squirrels. Just put out a bird feeder! Those sneaky guys learn real quick how to steal the bird food.