Saturday, December 12, 2009

South Mountain Reservation (Millburn, NJ)

We had plans for hikings in the mountains tomorrow but the wevver is supposed to be freezing rains starting in the morning so no hikings tomorrow. Saturday is not a good hiking day coz of hunting. But we founded out about a park close by wot has no huntings until January and then only on Tuesday and Thursdays. The boy runs in this park sometimes and he has been saying we should check it out for hiking so we wented to South Mountain Reservashun today and hiked 8.5 miles.

We started later than normal coz we had to stop at a store to buy a map. The one online was rilly, rilly bad but we used it to color in the trails wot we hiked.

So this park is about 20 minutes from our house and it has the Rahway River in it wot goes rite by our house too. So I wonner if'n we will make it back home afore the water here makes it to the water by our house?

There woz lots of udder creeks wot we had to cross over on rawks. Sometimes the rawks woz slickery with ice so we hads to be carefuls.

And some even had ice in the waters. BRRRRR!

It woz a cold day, about 30 degrees, but we did has bloo skies and sunshines.

Then we climbed up this mountain and camed to a place called Washington Rock Lookout where George Washington could stand up high and watch enemy troops moving below.

I dinnot sees any enemies only highways and buildings coz this is a very populated area around the woods. Mebbe the highways and buildings woz not there when George Washington woz.

As we woz leaving Washington Rock Lookout, we seened a Christmas tree! Yes, rite there atop of the mountain. Peeples had come by and putted ornaments on it. Had we known, we would has brought an ornament along for the pritty tree. If'n you bring one, don't bring glass ornaments coz there woz lots that had fallened down and brokened all over. Some peeples wot was there taked my pikshur with my mom in front of the tree then we taked their pikshur and gotted their email address to send it to them.

So we gotten back on the hiking trail and you will never believe wot we seened in the woods! Santa's raindeers! For real. We got it recorded - see for yourselfs.

See, told ya so. All of the raindeers woz there.

Then we camed by Hemlock Falls which woz very nice cept for brokened glass all over and graffiti from peeples wot has nottin better to do.

Hemlock Falls woz big waterfalls! See how little I look? It woz almost dark by then and we maded it back to our car just afore it gotted too dark to sees our car. Whew!


  1. Another grrrrreat hike fur woo!

    That was soooo khool woo got to see all Santa's Reindeers!

    I'm glad woo shared 'em with us!


  2. Frozen water? Reindeer? Christmas trees? How awesome! What a great little place the boy told you about!

  3. Hi Shawnee My name's Finn and I really enjoyed your blog, what a fantastic place with reindeer and christmas trees and waterfalls, I'll be dropping by to see your adventures again soon.

  4. wow you saw santa's reindeer! How cool is that! I wanna meet them fair...*sniffles* no fair...