Saturday, December 5, 2009

RIP Little Lexi-Lou

Shocking, shocking news last nite. My new foster cuzzin-in-law Lexi went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. Lexi became my foster cuzzin-in-law last week when her mom adopted my foster sis Buttons. I met Lexi in Illinoy when we taked Buttons to them.

Lexi-Lou June 13, 2000 - December 4, 2009

Lexi's mom reskood her when she was 2 year old. Lexi was borned by a "breeder" wot woz trying to make "mini" shih tzus but maded a genetic mess instead. Then the "breeder" gibbed Lexi to a V-E-T wot let his udder dogs beat up on her and steal her noms. Lexi's mom taked her and made her safe and all better. But coz of Lexi's poor breeding, she had lots of health problems. Lexi was on seben pills twice a day. She had liver failure, both types of bladder stones, a heart murmur, among udder problems. A week afore Lexi and Buttons metted, both of the girls had UTIs. We thought that was funnee that they woz both alreddy on the same skedule. Lexi's mom commented when we metted that Lexi's UTI woz not better. Buttons' woz all gone. So yesterday morning Lexi went to the V-E-T for more tests. Her mom picked her up at lunchtime. That night her mom rushed her back to the V-E-T when Lexi could not stand up. She had acute congestive heart failure and pulmonary embolism. It was a total shock since the symptoms woz not there in the morning.

Our eyes is leaking not only for Lexi but for her mom coz we knows how devastated she must be. She knowed this day would come wif all of Lexi's problems but nobody knowed it would be now. Is so very, very sad. If'n you has werds to make Lexi and Buttons' mom feel better, you can leave them on Lexi's bloggie. There is also lots of pikshurs from the past week of Lexi and Buttons' furst week togedder.

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  1. Mom had just stopped khrying about Tori khrossing last night -

    Now this -

    I'm sure Lexi and Tori made khwite the entrance -

    It reinforces how pawesome it is woo chauffeured Buttons to her furever home - she'll so help with the hearbreak Lexi's mom is feeling now -


  2. We read about Lexi-Lou earlier and went by even though we'd never met. It is so hard to lose a furry. Purrs and tail wags for the loss of your cousin.

  3. :(
    Very sad news ......
    We never forget her !!

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. You know that Lexi finally got to live in a happy place where she felt loved. It takes some amazing people to open their hearts to a doggie who had so many problems.

    Human hearts can give so much love and take so much pain but keep beating.

    Lots of love,
    Hoover BPD

  5. I have been so sad about Lexilou having to g to the Rainbow Bridge. I am very sad for her Mommy and Buttons, but I'm glad they have each other now.

  6. I'm glad Lexi knew she was loved and knew a real home.
    Bless her.