Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sharing My Howliday Joys With You

I has been getting some joys for the howlidays and I thought it would be nice to spread the joys around and give you some of them coz there is plenty to go around. These is joys from pals wot we has fostered in the past. Sometimes we don't hear from them for a long time and then surpwize - we get a howliday greeting! It makes us so full of joys to see how grate our pals is doing in their new lives, speshully when we knows how horribul their lives was afore they was adopted. So go ahead, read these stories of joys and take all joys you want!

Joys From Higgins!

Higgins woz a puppeh wot was runned over by a car almost a year ago! He had operashuns to put screws and pins in his leg to fix it. Well, you cans read his story here. We get lots of joys seeing Higgins all growned up in his raindeer antlerz!

Joys from Portia!

Portia (on the rite) is a little bishon frizzy wot peeples dumped in the shelter coz they woz hasing a baby. I dinnot knows you could not has a baby and dog at the same time. But she did not has a good home with them anyways. She has a MUCH better home now. Read her story here. It gives me joys to see Portia looking so pritty when her old peeples maded her look ugly all the times.

Joys from Anita!

Anita woz adopted in 2002 and something happened to our 2002 adopshun website and it gotted erased so we does not has her page any more. But I remember she woz a stray little baby kitteh when she woz here and we get a card from her every year. This year her fambly writed:
We're so luck to have Anita. She is our princess. We love her a lot. She is very cute and smart.
Is you feeling the joys?

Joys from Molly!

Molly woz in a shelter in Furginia where they woz going to put her to sleep for furever coz they runned out of space in the shelter. Mom just happened to be in Furginia then, stopped by the shelter and saved Molly (her name woz Holly then) just in time. She woz in the shelter coz her peeples moved and lefted her in the apawtment with her babies all alone with no foods or nothing! See Molly's story here. Molly's furever fambly writed:
Molly is great!! She still has as much energy as ever. She keeps us young!! I do have to admit, though, she would prefer to do without the snow. She is still the social butterfly with all her little doggie friends. She truly enjoys her walks so she gets to see her friends along the way. We took Molly to PetSmart the other day to pick out some of her Christmas gifts...she was a very good girl this year. Some of her favorite things to do is to go for a bank bye-bye....the tellers absolutely love her and she gets so excited waiting for her treat to come and then we usually head to the gas station, her other favorite place to go. The gas attendants also just think she is so adorable and can't resist spoiling her!! We feel the same way...she is so adorable and we absolutely love spoiling her!
So much joy! See, go ahead and take lots of joys, more joys is coming...

Joys from Parker!

Parker was going to come here to stay with us but mom founded him a home afore she had a chance to get him out of the shelter so he has no page with a linkie. But his story is that a man kept him tied on his back porch outside all the times. All day long and all nite long just sitting there tied on the porch. The animal control officer maded the man sign Parker over to him so he could has a better home where he could be fambly and live in the house like a dog is sposed to. Parker woz adopted a year ago. This is wot his new mom writed:
Parker is really such a wonderful dog. He has brought so much joy and love to our life. He is definitley a mommy's boy and follows me everywhere I go in the house! He loves to snuggle with me on the couch and go for walks. He had a ball in the snow this past weekend. He loves to dress up as you will be able to tell from the pictures.
Oh, lot of joys! Parker is sleeping on the couch now, not on the porch any mores.

Joys from Buttons!

And last but not least, joys from our last foster pal, Buttons! If'n you does not knows hers story, you can finds it here. And the story of hers adopshun here. Buttons is getting spoiled rotten, has more toys than ever even tho she thinks it is still not enuff, and most impawtantly, Buttons finally has a furever-and-ever home! And Buttons has a bloggie so we can check in with her any time!


Joys from Jack!

If'n you read my bloggie over the summer, then you knows all bout Bad, Bad Jack (BOL!) He woz in the shelter coz he had itchy mange wot made him rip his furs out and his peeples did not want to spend more monies at the V-E-T to fix him. Then once we fixed him, his peeples wanted him back. NO WAY! Jack gotted a much better home and his noo peeples writed in their Chrissmuss card:
Wishing you a very happy holiday season. We're so excited, Jack's first Christmas with us, and he just loved getting his photos a couple weeks ago. He played to the camera like only a poodle could. Thank you for recognizing what a great dog Jack could be and getting him to the right home. Your love for animals has brought so much joy to our lives.
Well, I think Jack's noo peeples has brought so much joys to HIS life! Click here for Jack's story.

Joys from Opie!

That is Opie (on the rite) on Chrissmuss Eve 2009. You has to see wot he looked like when mom broughted him home from the shelter almost a year ago - HIDEOUS!!! Click here. But now he gets groomed all the times and lives happily with his doggie sisfur Schatzie and his kitteh brofur Rusty. (They all luv each udder lots if'n you can't tell.) His furever mom is a fwend of my mom's so we know Opie has a rilly good home :)

Joys from Sammie!

Sammie (on the rite) lived with us for 3 months in a crate, He had a brokened wrist and with the surgery he could not move for 3 whole months so that is why he woz in the crate all the time. He woz adopted then returned 2 years later coz the chilluns lost interest. WOT?!?! So then he woz adopted again 3 years ago and this fambly is not returning him ever, no way no how!
So Sammie has had a very happy month. He absolutely loves the snow - they all do. I am still amazed that with his legs being the way they are, how fast he can run. He outruns both the other dogs in the yard. It's pretty funny. As you scroll down, you will see that he's very happy with the new bed that Santa bought for him too. All the boys got new fancy Christmas collars, nylabones, some squeaky toys, and of course lots of treats. Smiley faces all around!
You can read Sammie's story here.

Joys from Willie!

Willie (left) was on somebody's front porch when he woz a baby puppeh saying "Please let me in!!!!!!" He did not has enuff noms and you could see his little bones. But the peeples in that house woz hasing a fambly medical emergency and could not halp Willie so we taked him to find him a home. Check out his adorabul baby pikshurs here! There is even some pikshurs of me with Willie and my sis Sydney teaching him how to rassle. Now four years later Willie's fambly writes:
Willie is doing great! He has brought so much joy into our lives. We are devoted to each other! What a cool dog - everyone who meets him loves him. Thanks for saving him!
So see, even if'n you take all of these joys, there will be more for the next one who reads this.

Fur all my furends and their famblies I wish all the bestest for the howlidays and for forever!

Howliday Hugs,


  1. We are furry lukhky girls!

    Happy HOWLiday to ALL of woo!


  2. Fanks fur sharing dem joys wif us!

  3. *woof* thank you for spreading joys around! what a joyous post!
    Merry Christmas! happy holidays!

    thanks for being a friend :o)

  4. All of these joys are making my eyes leaky! I'm so glad that these animals had such happy endings to their stories. They deserve the best!

    Merry Christmas, Shawnee!

    Oh -- and Buttons says "hi" to you and your sisters, too. *hugs*

  5. Shawnee, thank you for spreading this joy. These stories are so awesome. You and your mom (and sisfurs) are awesome! These are the best happy endings ever! I had to laugh about Buttons' toys. I remember how she loved her toys at your house.

    I wish you, your mom, your sisfurs and kittehs a very merry Christmas!!

    Lucy (& Mama Vicki)