Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Road Trip! Great Allegheny Passage (Cedar Creek Park to West Newton, PA)

We woz not shore if'n we woz going to do this last hike on our ways home coz it was supposed to be snow and rains! But the wevver peeples woz rong again. It was bloo skies and sunshines. We dinnot think the wevver woz going to be good enuff to get all four of our hikes in but amazingly we woz able to do them all. And here is the last one, 6 miles on a part of the Great Allegheny Passage south of Pittsburgh, PA, along the Youghiogheny River.

While we woz walking we metted a man wif his dawg. The man and my mom was talking and mom tolded him we woz on our way back home to Noo Jersey from visiting in Mizzoori. The man tolded my mom that he had to send his 17-year-old dawg to the bridge and that he walked this trail wif that dog every day for 17 years. He missed hasing a dawg so he wented to the shelter and adopted this sweet puppeh and named her Boo coz he adopted her two days afore Howloween. Boo is 4 months old. The man wanted an adult dawg, not a puppeh, but he said Boo picked him so he had no choice. See how nice Boo alreddy does a sit/stay? And her dad says Boo will walk this trail every day of her life too. Wot a lucky puppeh.

After the talking and visiting, we all went on our separate ways. When we woz done and gotted back to our car, there was a note on the window wot gibbed me and mom big smiles:

How very kind of Boo and her dad to leave us such a nice note. They must has seen the Noo Jersey license plates and knowed it woz our car.

I also had a major breakthrough today. In my 8 1/2 years I has never poo'd while hiking. Mom carries poo bags anyway just in case. Well, just in case happened today. Not only did I poo once while hiking, I poo'd TWO TIMES! I proudly display the evidence afore mom throwed it in the trash can.

So we maded it back to our house in the nite times and I is resting in my hidey spot. I missed my hidey spot very much. It woz a bizzy road trip wif lots of funs. I gotted to see gramma and furends, sented Buttons to her furever-and-ever home and hiked a total of 20 miles in 6 days! But it is good to be back home.


  1. I think your mom needs to give you more pizza before hikes. Maybe that helped with the poo! *giggles*

    Sounds like Boo is a lucky puppy! I'm glad Boo's owner knows that we pick our parents, and not the other way around! Mom didn't really have a choice about Buttons or I... he he he

  2. Go Boo!

    And go poo! I don't poo on walks/hikes either. Duncan does. Usually right in front of someone's mailbox. Weird. :)

    Gland you had a good trip and got home safely!!

  3. Boo is a very lucky pup to find just the right person. We agree that is how is works. The pup picking out who they want to be with. You and your Mom had a great time and some wonderful hikes. Looked like fun. Thanks for sharing the trip and the pics.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. So wot, u haz ta come ta pennsyltucky fur ta gets u poop on? So glads u did no try ta holdy it in fur u whole trip. Dat woulda been awfuls!

    I will haz ta sends u more poop bags nao dat u used dem ALL up -- MOL


    Boo's new hu-dad is furry lukhky Boo chose him!

    He looks like a keeper of a hooman!

    Mom says tank woo fur telling her to chekhk the Dunkin Donuts next time she's that-a-way! This weekend she's doing Hagerstown To Harrisburg!

    Tank woo furry much fur sharing your trip and fur getting Buttons HOME!


  6. Aww... what a nice man. Boo is a lucky doggy to get to walk that trail every day.

    And congrats on your pooing! :)

  7. Shawnee, you shud have said befor. I usually poops at least twice on every walk. I his the eggspert onnit.

  8. Hi, my name is Tora and I'm a Shilo Shepherd. In July me and my people are going to hike part of the Great Allegheny Passage, from Connellsville to Cumberland. That's about 90 miles. I have my own backpack and sleeping bag but my people carry the heavy stuff like my food. We haven't had any tent time since last summer's hike on the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire.