Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wells Mills County Park (Waretown, NJ)

Well, we woz supposed to go hiking up north in the mountains today but yesterday the rains turned to snows and there woz supposed to be more snows in the mountains. We did not want to drive all that way and has it be too slickery to climb up rawks so we changed direkshuns and headed south to Wells Mills County Park in the Noo Jersey Pinelands where we hiked 8.4 miles on the Penns Hill Trail. We woz kwite impressed with this park. It woz very neat and tidy and you could see the park peeples taked very good care of it.

So furst I has to show you this pikshur wot we taked on the way to the park driving south on the Garden State Parkway (although at this moment we woz going east towards the sunrise.) It looks like mountains on the horizon but that is impawsibul coz there is no mountains in the south of Noo Jersey! It was the storm clowds from yesterday with a gold line across the top where the sun woz starting to peek out over the clowds! It woz very spektakular to see. You can also see some of the snows wot falled from those clowds.

So furst we hiked by Wells Mills Lake wot woz very beeootiful.

It would has been halpful had I seened this sign sooner coz I woz crossing a little bridge, slided on the slickery board and falled into the water! It woz deep water and I woz in up to my NECK! Mom had to grab my collar and halp me out coz the sides woz slickery and I could not get out by myself. So I woz soaking wet in 30 degree wevver for the whole hike. Thank goodness for thick undercoats wot I shed all over mom's house all the time. See they does serve a good purpose. As long as I kept moving I woz not cold. But if'n mom stopped I whined at her to get a move on it, wot is something I normally does not do.

There woz lots of beeootiful seenery along the way.

Then look wot we founded! A merry howliday howlly Christmas tree. Only one we seened in the whole park. It woz very festive. How nice that the wildlifes has a tree for their howliday celebrashus.

At the end of the hike we camed back around to Wells Mills Lake.

It turned out to be a beeootiful hike but it woz cold. The sunbeams had maded our car nice and warm and that felt rilly good with being all wet and stuffs. I will has to be more careful from now on coz I rilly does not like to go in the waters when it is this cold.


  1. Save fur the wee 'dip' woo took, a pawesome hike!

    We LOVED the pikhs!

    I hope woo are all dry and warm now!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Your Mom was a lifesaver. So glad she helped you out of the COLD water. We really liked the pics of your hike. You go to some great places and it looks like fun. Good that your car was all warm & toasty from the sun. Help get you warm.
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. My compy broke and I've missed you an your blog so much. Ima at the library but tonite I will be back online with my new baby netbook compy =)
    Last Friday we had a 70% chance of freak snow...but then it fell to 50%...then the sun came out an it never did anything =( but the way you desscribe your snows and clouds and cold swimmins makes me feel like I was there! I love it (well, not the cold swimmins) and I have a new fleece coat I hope to get pics of.
    Maybe you could send me some snows to south Texas?

    Your pal

  4. I am happy to read your Mom was helping you :-)
    A happy end ..... LOL
    Have a wonderful day my woof woof friend :-)

    ((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=