Sunday, May 9, 2010

Black Rock Forest (Cornwall, NY)

Today we hiked 10.5 miles in Black Rock Forest. It woz rilly cold and windy. The day afore we woz hasing 40-50 mph wind gusts. I don't think it woz that bad today but still crazzee windy. Eggsept for deep in the forest where the winds could not reach us. The Black Rock Forest is kind of like a big school where students study science stuffs. But there is hiking trails for us to use too. That is rilly nice that they let us use their classroom for hikings.

So mom gotted the Shawnee Cam (thanks Yoda, I like that name for it) reddy and putted it on my collah. See, I is reddy for my fotografy career. The lite woz flashing green like it woz supposed to, all systems GO!

First we commed to Split Rock where there woz a view of Sutherland Pond:

Then we hiked down to Sutherland Pond but it woz too cold and windy to go in the waters. (Besides, profeshunal fotografers cannot goes in the waters wif a camera on they collah!)

And then there woz this nifty boardwalk over the swamps:

Then we commed to Eagle Cliff:

With a view of the Noo York City skyline:

Mom did a movie to try to capshur the panoramic view. I think she needs to go a little slower coz it maded me a little dizzy.

And, oh noes, litters....

Wot I find rilly noggty about these litters is big peeples does not drink Capri Sun. So some big peeples bringed they childruns to see the beeotiful seeneries, gibbed them Capri Sun for they snack, then letted the childruns throw litters on the ground. Those is the big peeples of the future. How very sad that their parents is alreddy teaching them the noggty ways of the litterbugs.

After Eagle Cliff we wented to Spy Rock where in the Revolushunary War soldiers could spy on the enemies - see, I spy on you BOL!

So then it woz time for some of those nommy Alaskan Salmon Yummy Chummies wot Boris sented me. If'n mom had not opened it fast, I woz going to nom the wrapper too!

Then we wented to an overlook at Hill of Pines:

And to the Aleck Meadow Reservoir:

Then when we gotted to Black Rock we could see the Hudson River:

We then walked a bit on the Continental Road wot is where Revolushun War soldiers marched long times ago. They not there any mores.

Then we seened this big rawk thing. OMD, wot is that?

I headed to the udder side for investigashuns...

It's a fireplace wot somebody builded and they even has rawk chairs to sit on!

So when we woz at one of the seenik overlooks, mom and I taked a pikshur togedder for Mother's Day:

And for all the udder moms out there I gib you this purty flowah for Mothers Day wot I founded on our hike:

Does anybody know wot kind of burd this is? Hims woz rilly purty wif black on hims back, white brest and rusty orange on the sides and some white on hims wings. Hims sayed "WEET, WEET, WEET" He woz about the size of a robin but he is not a robin. That is the only kind of burd I knows wot it is.

(Pee Ess - I founded him, I founded him! This burd does be an Eastern Towhee!)

Then as we woz leaving the Black Rock Forest, mom pulled over to take a pikshur of this silly turkey wot would not move for cars and woz going to get runned over!

Mom woz just getting reddy to go shoo her away off the road when the burdbrane turkey decided she had better move on back into the forest.

So then the big moment of eggsitements. We gotted home and mom went to offload my pikshurs from the Shawnee Cam! Are you reddy? Drum roll, puhleeze..........

WOT? OMD! Where is my pikshurs? We had a malfunshun. Oh noes, we will has to try again next weekend. So sorry. I knows efurryone woz in suspense over seeing my pikshurs. We will practice some more this week.


  1. Sorry about the Shawnee Cam malfunction. Looked like you found a great hike for today. That shot of the Hudson was great and we loved the video. We are gonna save that picture of you and your mom for our scrapbook.

    It got chilly here today too. Dad and I came in from our walkie this morning and dad told mom it was cold and she called him a liar. Well 60 is only cold when it's been 80.

  2. Windy!


    Woo might have even see some of my floof blow past!

    Thanks fur sharing your hike and the pawesome pikh of woo and your mom!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  3. Oh, what a build up and then NO pics from the Shawnee Cam! I'm heartbroken! (Well, not really, but I thought I'd say that for dramatic emphasis. Big words for Buttons...)

    Great pic of you and your Mom!

  4. That boardwalk is really cool. It's pretty how dense the foilage is around it. The view from Eagle Cliff is great! You made a good spy from Spy Rock. :) Really nice view of the Hudson too. Mama really likes the path on the Continental Road. The fireplace and benches are cool too. You and your mom made such a nice picture. We hate seeing turkeys or ducks in the road. They're so slow and stupid. Mama always prays that they won't get hit. Big sigh about the litter. Too sad about the kids learning to litter. It makes no sense to just think it's ok to leave one's litter. Is that difficult to take it with you!?! A million green, slobbery hairballs on all litterers!

  5. OMC! What bootiful pictures, looks likes you and momma had a wonderfur hike togethers. I was so sorry to hears dat your camera no worked on your hike, maybe next time, would likes to checks dat out!