Saturday, May 22, 2010

Harriman State Park, NY/Kakiak County Park, NY

We hiked 13.5 miles at Harriman State Park in Noo York today but we parked in Kakiat County Park and walked through that park furst over their kewl little bridge.

Of course we had the usual seenik overlooks

This overlook be icky tho coz there is lots of elektrisity stuff in it:

And I had to engage the doggy four paw drive to get up some of these rawks:

The bugs woz kwite annoying and I woz hasing to thwock at them wif my paws:

Mom catched me nomming on something and I had to spit it out coz she tolded me to DROP IT. We dussn't know wot it is. Mebbe a snake skin. Shore woz nommy tho. But mom made me leave it there. Meanie.

And did you notice I does not has my backpack on? Mom warshed it and forgotted to put it back in the car. My nifty pop-up bowl for waters is in the pawket so I did not has that either and had to drink out of a plastic bag. I could has suffocated in there!

Then we ranned into this man wot is called a trail maintainer. He volunteers to build and maintain the trails so that we can hike on them. Trails don't be happening all by themselves - peeples volunteer to adopt a sekshun to keep it clear for hiking. And this volunteer man gibbed the best butt skritches:

So we rilly appreshiate that these peeples werk on the trails to we can hike on them. We does our share by being memmers of the NY/NJ Trail Conference and paying memmership doos to support them and by picking up the litters when we hike. If'n we don't pick up the litters then the trail maintainers has to and it be that much less they has to do coz they alreddy does lots. So here is the litters we nabbed today: (I put Sydney and Dixie on litter dooty when I gotted home - I think it only fair so I can go nap.)

We has been seeing lots of pritty flowahs on the trails now. The furst one is mountain laurel. I dunno wot the udders is called but if'n you knows, let me know so I know when I see them again.

And now, wot you has all been waiting for.... Ta da ta da ta da.... The Shawnee Cam! Keep in mind it woz hawt and I woz hazing to drink out of that plastic bag so you will get a "never before seen" unnerside view on my tung, complete wif foamy slobbers at times.

Here bees a good slimy foamy one:

Now for this seenik overlook, tilt you hed to the rite. A little more. A little more. 'K, now the pikshur should be strate:

Here is an akshun shot of mom's legs:

And here is the whole mom rilly teeny tiny:

And some pikshurs of the trails and trees and stuffs:


  1. I noticed the missing bakhkpakhk right-a-way!

    What great pikhs!

    OF KHOURSE, my favourites were from the Shawnee Kham!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Looks like it was a fun hike! You saw some beautiful flowers this time. Very nice!

  3. Oh those flowers are so bootiful. Ick on the snake skin - and dat's what it looked like to me too. I still think you should carry me on your back sometime when you hike. It would be my best ever adventure.

  4. Your momma left your "No huntin me vesty-backpack!?!? Uh oh!!

    Great photos of your tongue!

  5. That sure is a pretty place. The volunteer must be a realy nice man, especially if he gives good butt skritches. I love those pink flowers! Great Shawnee Cam pics! Yep, we sure do know all the angles of yor tongue now. As usual, you saw some great views!

  6. I loved the Shawnee cam shots and glad to meet one of those very important trail maintainer volunteers. Mom grumbled about the "view shed" when she saw the electricity stuff. She is always talking about view sheds at her parks. Not sure what it means.

  7. I love that Shawnee Cam! It's a wonderful addition to your hiking pictures!

    I didn't know that volunteers take care of the hiking trails like that. Very cool that you got to meet one and that he gave you good scritches!

  8. Wow! Awesome pictures! I feel like I'm right there with you. :)

  9. Awesome hike. Wish you lived closer. Be fun to hike wif you.
    Especially like the never b4 seen pics of your tung & the slobbers. Cool!!!

  10. pretty flowers!
    Gotta stop and smell flowers :o)
    you nommed on snake skin? Cool!
    what? plastic bag? you could've suffocated in there!

  11. Heehee I like da palastic bag shot wif urs tounge BOL The flowers is very bootyful an da seenic shots is great !!

  12. U shuld hab a backup backpack fur emergencies likes dis!

    Lovin dem loverly seenik shots but dey no compare to dem Shawnee Cam shots. Now dems iz PAWSUM!