Monday, May 3, 2010

Douthat State Park and George Washington National Forest, VA

One thing mom wanted to do woz get up at the crack of dawn and get on the hiking trail wot woz almost rite outside our cabin door. Just think, we did not has to drive to hiking, it woz rite there! So at 6 am, we woz on the trail starting our 13 mile hike! We catched a glimpse of Douthat Lake afore the sunbeams gotted there.

Then at the furst overlook the sun woz rising over Beards Mountain wot woz ahind us and starting to lite up Middle Mountain strate ahead where we woz the day afore. You can see the sunbeams it not at the lake yet.

Then we trekked on out to George Washington National Forest coz we woz rite there and wanted to go there too. But it woz not all that grate. We thought the trail would go along the ridge of Beards Mountain since that is wot it looked like on topo maps but it did not. It woz lower which meaned you could not see the views, just trees or the side of the mountain. We camed to one overlook where we got views to the east and west but that woz about it.

And the trail woz very overgrown. It did not look like many peeples hiked there. So we only wented into George Washington National Forest about 2 miles and turned around and headed back to Douthat State Park wot woz much nicer. At least we can say we has been there and donned that.

Once back at Douthat State Park we continued on the Mountain Top Trail where there woz better views and much nicer trails. See...

Then the Mountain Top trail started going down the mountain.

And we gotted on to the Buck Hollow trail. A lot of the trails in this park is on ledges like this where it goes rilly steep down one side and rilly steep up the udder side.

We gotted to anudder seenik overlook where we could see boats on Douthat Lake in the beeootiful wevvers we woz hasing.

Here is the boats biggified so you can see them better:

When mom woz done taking pikshurs she turned around to find this:

I woz out like a lite! So we stayed there and rested a bit. Then we headed on back to our home-away-from-home:

This is the trails wot we hiked:

I napped on the rug in front of the fireplace.

Then mom and I sat on the porch wot bugs can't come to. Mom red hers book and I watched all the dogs from the udder cabins going on their walkies.

The udder doggies woz all so happy walking by wif smiles on their faces and tails wagging. Later I metted Belle, a pointer from next door and we ranned around and played. Belle woz my BFF at the park. Her dad told my mom they had adopshunned Belle 1 month ago. They woz going to make her ded at the shelter but a rescue group gotted her and then these peeples adopshunned her. They woz Belle's third home but they love her lots and they sayed it will be Belle's last home. Belle now gets to go to Douthat State Park all the times. Lucky dog, she is!

OK, one more hike to go...


  1. That Douthat State Park looks like one really cool place (shameless plug for my mom's parks). Actually, I haven't been to Douthat yet but I sure want to go. Mom of course gets to go lots of times and dad has been there before too, just before I was born.

    You sure do meet a lot of cool doggies with nice adoption stories!

  2. What a great series of posts!

    Let's hear it fur Belle!

    One of my mom's past Sibes had been on at least two previous 'homes' - Mom made sure Ladygray's last home was her best one!

    PeeEssWoo: We loved the out like a lite pikh!

  3. Beeeeeeeautiful pics...just beeeeeautiful...
    Yay for Belle!!!

  4. I'm glad your BFF Belle found a forever family! Sounds like fun. I'm also glad you got your beauty sleep in with all that hikin! You're a multi-tasker!

  5. Horray for Belle!

    Your mom got lots of great pictures. I love the top two where you can down to the lake. I was laughing about you passing out. You were tired, girlfriend, and I don't blame you. Your mom has got a ton of energy It sounds nice about relaxing on the porch and watching the other doggies.

    p.s. I've been votin' for ya!

  6. The picture of the sunbeams starting to light stuff up, but not the lake yet, is super duper cool!

    Looks like maybe that was too early for you to start hiking, though, huh? You were worn out, you poor doggie!