Monday, May 3, 2010

Douthat State Park, VA (Middle Mountain and Douthat Lake)

We had such wonnerful wevvers on Friday and Saturday but when we waked up on Sunday, May 2, there was rains on the ground. One minit the skies woz gray, the next minit blue skies and sunshines. We waited a while to see if'n the wevver woz going to make up it's mind but no, it did not. So we went hiking anyways.

We started out at the Lakeside Campground and climbed up to Middle Mountain on the Salt Stump trail. It woz very hawt and hoomid. We did not get good pikshurs coz efurrything woz foggy so you cannot see all the mountains.

But that woz OK. We had seened those mountains from up high on Friday. This time we wented up just a little higher on Middle Mountain wot goes about 3,000 feet in the air. Whoa! On the way down we seened some interesting wildlifes.

A millipede:

... a little brown froggie:

... and some dung beetles:

That is not my poo! In fact, mom feels rilly bad coz back at home-away-from-home she missed picking up a small piece of my poo and she seened it moving across the ground all by itself! Mom went and looked closer and a dung beetle woz rolling it over to hims house! When he gotted there he wented into hims hole, mom picked up the poo and told him she woz rilly sorry but she could not let him has my poo coz it did not belong there. But the poo wot these dung beetles on the trail had woz from wildlifes so it belongs there and mom tolded them to carry on. They could keep that poo.

So then we comed to Douthat Lake wot we had not walked along afore. We had only seened it from the road and from up high in the mountains.

But even with the icky wevvers Douthat Lake still looked rilly nice, just no boats on it in drizzly rains and fogs.

Here is the trails wot we hiked for 8.5 miles.

So all togedder, we hiked 32 miles in 3 days! All of wot is in hawt pink on the map. Wow!

We wanted to hike some of the trails wot we missed afore driving home today but it woz raining rilly hard this morning so we headed on home. We is rilly glad we had two rilly beeootiful days and one day wot woz still good enuff for a hike. Me and mom is so glad that Yoda's mom suggested we come there coz we had such a grate time and we want to come to Furginia again and see more beeootiful places! And thank you Furginia being pet-furrendly and for letting me come and making me feel at home-away-from home on my hiking vakashun.


  1. Mom is really laughing about the poo and the poor dung beetle! Mom is sharing all your posts with all her friends and is going to post them on her blog tomorrow.

  2. Hiking in the rain ~
    Dung beetles are cool! says mom.
    Thanks for sharing your pawsome weekend :o)

  3. P.S.: 'word verification' is such a nuisance...

  4. Shawnee you have the greatest adventures. Maybe I could come on one of them and rid on your back. I only weigh 12 pounds, so I'd be light to carry and maybe I could go on a diet just before so I'd only weight 11 pounds. Pleeeeze!

  5. Love it always to walk with you
    Its so beautiful the nature on your place :))))

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Oh...I think it's so pretty there in your pictures. I love those last 2 shots of Douthat Lake. I never heard of dung beetles (Mama and I don't get out much). I was kind of wondering why he couldn't have of your poos. Oh well. Sounds like they have plenty to choose from. (Papa just told us that Andrew Zimmer, some food freak on TV, ate a whole pot of dung beetles.)

  7. Wow! You all did a lot of hiking in those days. I'm impressed!

    And I love the poo story. I never put much thought into poo, but clearly it's a hot (ahem) topic. ;)

  8. I'm gonna keep my eyes out for any moving poo around the pond near where we live... *snickers*

    30+ miles in 3 days is very, very impressive, Shawnee! My little legs get tired at around half of a mile...