Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Got Mail!

The doorbell ranged and it woz the Fed-X man wif a package for ME!

OMD, it is the prize I wonned at the Twitter #pawpawty from Petrol, Fuel for Dogs (@petrolfordogs)

It woz 2 cans of fuel wot even commed with a travel bowl:

Mom wanted to save it for when we go on our hiking vakashun next month but Sydney and I sayed "Pawleeze, can we has some now?"

So mom sayed OK and gotted us each a bowl but we could only each has 1/3 of a can coz we had to save the rest for Dixie. She is at the V-E-T today getting hers teef cleaned and some big old lumps takened off (a little nip and tuck) so she can has it when she comes home. She be needing some fuel after all that BOL!

Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp...


Ahhh, nommy AND refreshing!

Sydney! No chugging out of the can. We is saving that for Dixie!

Thank you Petrol for the fuel! That will come in handy to gib me energies for my hiking!


  1. That's some tasty lookin' Petrol. From the look of you in your pics, it MUST have been good. We have never heard of it before. We'll have to check around.
    Congrats on your prize!

  2. With all the hiking you do, it was so nice dat you won dat stuff. I never heard of it either, but I'm only a cat. Guess I don't need it.

  3. That looks great. Does it taste good? It's wonderful that you are so good about sharing.


  4. Woo surely gave it the tongues up seal of approval!


  5. Oh, doggie fuel! How cool! I liked that bowl swap, but if Simba tried that with me, I'd give him a whap. Anyway, I'm glad you gals enjoyed it and even saved some for Dixie. I hope everything went well for her at the vet.

  6. heehee we have dog beer over here, does that fuel taste like beer too??? Hope there will be piggy fuel soon!!! BIG HUGS to you!!! X

  7. I'm soooooo thirsty all of a sudden...

    Go Sydney!
    I mean, save some for Dixie!


  8. You too CLEANED your bowls! Must have been deeelicious!

  9. MOL hehehe you too just luvs dat fuel huh! Dey sent us some too dat momma has been meaning to gives away so we can test it out of course but you has given it a good review already.