Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Got Mails This Week!

I gotted two mails this week! Furst, while I woz away last weekend, a package camed from my very good furrend Boris. There woz only one pwoblem. This is wot the box looked like when I walked in the door:

OMD! Why is my mails opened? The boy fessed up that coz it sayed it woz for Shawnee, he figgered it woz OK to open it coz he woz being nosy. NOT OK BOY! Grrrrr.

Anyways, Boris had buyed a Pet's Eye View Camera but woz no liking it on hims collah so he sented it to me so I could try my paw at fotografies while hiking. We be testing it out on our hikings tomorrow. We has the boy futzing wif it rite now trying to get the test pikshurs off of it wot I taked yesterday. That be his punishment for opening my mails.

As you can see, Boris sented all udder kinds of goodies, too, he is such a pal!

Mom, put those treat samples in your hiking backpack for my snack for tomorrow's hikings afore Dixie and Sydney sees them. Wait, we split one package and put away the rest. Nom.

And that Boris, always thinking, also sented a tick key in case I get any tickies on me. Wonner if it werks on mom coz she be getting more tickies than me here lately, BOL. Mom be putting that rite into hers backpack too. Good thinking, Boris!

Then today I gotted mails from my furrend Bijntje in the Netherlands(@bijntje on Twitter). I had wonned a quiz at a Twitter pawpawty back in March and Bijntje had donated a kewl prize wot I wonned.

But wot woz this? It commed in a postal peeples body bag...

wot sayed on the back:

We knowed Bijntje has sented the pwize rite after I wonned it and look at the postmark, that be March 22:

Today be May 8. It taked the postal peeples 48 days to get the package here! (Mom counted it up coz I cannot count that hi.) We knows it had to go across the big pond but I has had Royal Mails from Inglund wot not taked that long. So I hopes Bijntje woz not thinking I woz being rude for not saying thank you. I had not gotted it until now. So sorry Bijntje!

Anyways, Bijntje sented me a kewl bag and we is big on reusable bags here coz we dussn't believe in wasting resources on disposable stuffs wot yuks up our earth. I putted some of my toys and the new toys from Boris in the bag for demonstrashun purposes. Thank you so much Boris and Bijntje for the wonnerful prezzies!


  1. Wow wat kewl prezzies an pwizes you did gets, you can haz lotsa fun an I iz looking forward to seeing your collar-cam pix!

  2. You got cool stuff, Shawnee! That camera should be fun. I love your new bag and toys. You might find that you're missing an orange toy however. I wonder what the postal people were doing for so long with your package!

  3. Sydney is really taking over my toy swiping duties, isn't she?!

    Boris sent you some really, really cool stuff...and TOYS! Can't wait to see the pictures from your camera.

  4. What a Shawnee-pot of stuffs!

    Looking furward to seeing your pikhs!

    I know Audrey takes some furry nice ones with her khamera kham!


  5. Wow - all dat new stuff in one day. You is one lucky doggie to have such nice friends. Hmmm me thinks the post office lost your package. Maybe they were busy playing with your new stuff!

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  7. Two mails!!! Wowzaa...look at all those goodies! Congrats! *high paw*
    Can't wait to see y our hiking pics from that shawnee view camera :o)
    As for U.S.P.S...yada yada yada...*snort*

    *whispers* Go Syndey go! what a smart girl... heheheh

  8. WOAH!!!! Boris is such a star, he sends brilliant toys!!!

    Happy Mothers Day to your mummy!!

  9. Yippieeeeeeeee..... mail
    and so many toys Wow!!
    You are lucky :))
    Enjoy sweety ....

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  10. We can't wait to see the pictures from Shawnee-Cam! You are such a sweet sister to share your treats and it is probably cool to have doggie sibs but sometimes it's great not to share.

  11. Wot excitements u gotted in da mails.

    First dat boy breaks into ur mails den da postal peeples breaks into ur mails....wot next?!?!

    I can no waits to sees ur pikshurs!!!

  12. Hey...why is your sibs always taken your new toys? MOL hehehe

    Pawsome gifts you gots my furriend.